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MUMG: Analysis Vision

Hello everybody.
We continue with the novelties of the month with this new form of artificial life, the physical form of Tony Stark`s supercomputer , J.A.R.V.I.S., better known as Vision. Beginning with his level (8) is the first avenger in this third step, even behind Thor (12) and Gamora and Groot (both 9). With Power 7 is located on the second level, but with option to upgrade to 8 provided that it is in the upper area of the bar Endurance, but also can be reduced to 6 ultimately.
Starting with the mobile aspect, Vision not only highlights for the same thing all the characters with the ability to Fly as is able to reach any area, but also its Phase Shift lets him become incorporeal and cross both objects and characters though unable to finish inside buildings or on anyone. The counterpart is in their range of motion, since they are 1/2/2 points below the average at three levels: 3/5/12 (7.5 / 12.5 / 30).

In Defensive terms he highlight above all in the Mental (18) aspect, just below the 20 Deadpool. His other three Defenses itself left much to be desired since both Physic (14) and  Energy (14) are the worst known level, and the Supernatural (14) only one point above the lousy value 13 some as Wolverine. These low values force Vision Improve Defensively unless he want to be an easy target, though against Supernatural attacks has nothing to do since it is not possible to apply this increase.  Along with these typical improvements, Vision can respond reactively (or active) to Energy and Physicists attacks improving their protection in +2 thanks to its Density Shift (1), allowing him to have up to two separate 16 in both defenses, though only one can keep in 18 with Improved Defensive. Besides this, their ability to Fly allows him to improve in melee the target defense of the attack  +1 whenever the opponent not fly too, which means that in optimal situations could have a maximum value for any of its defenses of 19/19/15/21.

Its value 7 Agility makes it not very hopeful reduce damage from Spray or Explosive nor Expansive attacks like so avoid being hit by launchings find in their path, or be affected by certain special powers like I Am Groot (2), since it has only 33% of options emerge unscathed from such checks. His Willpower 8 does not guarantee many more successes, and that against certain special powers as Trick (1) only has 44% chance of overcoming them.

Receiving damage, Vision has up to 18 + 3 points of endurance spread over 6 points per fringe. When is in good condition not only their power is increased by 1 point (8), but also their attack (6), leaving him with an average value for it. At the opposite end is the opposite situation since these bonuses become penalties, leaving him with a Power 6 and measly value 4 for the Attack. In the intermediate zone suffers no penalty, but if he lose the bonus that allow him to perform more actions (Power) and allow decent hit (attack). To try to alleviate the negative effect of leaving the upper area, once per game can use him Healing Nanites (2) to recover 3 points of Endurance, which can extend him stay in this area, and considering their Bodyguard (1) will be prone to fit blows.

As for offensive power, despite having a good variety of attacks in terms of damage, effects and nature of these (important especially the latter), the attribute Attack is not up to the best since with a value of 5 it is the worst based on today's value, although while in good condition it rises to 6. If a value 5-4 it is worth attack with Overload if he do not want as him offense is closer to failure than to be a success. It is also not to be a character that stands out for the range of their attacks since no none has greater reach 8 '(20 cm), making it an easy target for enemy marksmen. Thus, their attacks ordered by scope are:
  • Solar Bolt (4): If you were to carry out this attack is to activate Vision of the first, so that characters with energy attacks as Iron Man take out party down 2 points to the opponent suffers in that defense due to its Awkardness/ 2 plus 4 damage.
  • Ghostly Vision (2): First attack known mental nature, although for that reason the Dazzle/ 1 effect applied is useless today because no one else will take advantage of the drop in the Mental Defense until the end of the round or the next activation of the target (whichever comes first). Despite having less than the previous range with only 6 "(15 cm), it has the characteristic to cause as much damage as it cost: 2 wounds. Keep in mind that such attacks can not cause damage to the elements of scenery.
  • Phase Punch (4): Another reason why Vision activate the first. If this has already been in melee, you can start hitting with this attack to make the opponent lose 2 counters POW thanks to Stun/ 2 (3 if you also use defensive improvement) in addition to causing 3 damage.
  • Strike (2): Again, the positive part of this basic attack is to cause as much damage as it cost: 2 wounds. With Power 8 has a potential damage 8 wounds, which is not impossible if the opponent is already KO.
The launches are other strong points Vision, since his Force 4 lets him get rid of enemies with size 4 or less, or elements as big as small houses or cranes, and throw them at a distance of up to 8 ' (20 cm) causing damage by the launch of three wounds.

Finally, in tasks Support/Control the only known use today for Total Vision is cancel the Invisible characters since their attacks are not capable of drilling  to do the same with the scenary. Another of his contributions to these tasks is in the aforementioned effects of their attacks Solar Bolt (4) and Ghostly Vision (2), although the drop 2 points in the defense of Energy (Awkardness/2) only takes place once per game, and Mental (Dazzle/1) once per round and there's nobody you can still take advantage of it. In addition to this we must not forget that, with Captain America, Vision is the other protector of the team thanks to Bodyguard (1), but if you want to combine with the bonus of defense that gives its Density Shift (1) the latter should be used during activation since it is only possible to use a reactive power against any attack.

In short, Vision combines the good of Thor and Captain America but without being better than any of them. From Thor offers offensive potential, but does not have such destructive attacks or a good value of attack to be at its height, but unlike the latter serve as support for their peers by a downward trend in defense they apply; about Captain America offers its functions of protector of the team (Bodyguard (1)), but not safety of him against checks of Agility or Stamina.

As for variety of attacks is stocked, since the 4 existing types can carry out 3 (Physical, Mental and Energy), as well as being good pitching. The downside is its attribute attack, if value 6 is already quite common to use Overload, at the time that is lower 5-4, attack  without doing it becomes a utopia. Besides him ranged attacks are for rather short ranges (20 cm maximum), which is easy targets for enemy snipers, so it is advisable to leave POW to endure retaliation.

If he want to unleash its protective power, it is required to activate his Density Shift (1) during activation to later be able to use Bodyguard (1).

Regarding the use of POW:

  • It will be usual reserve at least 3 of them for protective tasks: Density Shift (1) Improved Defensive (1 POW), Bodyguard (1)
  • If it matters not neglect the protective facet and starting from a good position Ranged (ie, 6 "(15 cm) or less than him objectives), he can use in combination him Solar Bolt (4+1) and Ghostly Vision (2+1), in which case it would be advisable then attack someone like Iron Man (Energy damage) if the Awkardness/2 of its first attack has been effective.
  • If he is "stuck" in melee he can use his Phase Punch (4) to also make the opponent lose up to 3 POW (2 for the Stun/2 and 1 in the defensive upgrade if he decide to use it), and then his Strike (2), but the bad part of this is that both are physical in nature and a unique defensive upgrade is enough to put the most difficult things. 
Like Thor, it is crucial not to leave the upper area of the bar Endurance since out of it makes him lose potential as both its Attack and Power lose the bonus of +1 to return its base value of 5 and 7 . This increase even more in the sensitive area since then they decrease to 4 and 6 respectively. Fortunately for him, once per game can recover three wounds thanks to his Healing Nanites (2).

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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