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BMG Team Builds: Teen Titans

Teen Titans

First thing first, we look at the special rules available for the team.  More than any other team so far, the Titans seem to have negative traits that hold them back.  The Youngsters trait, in which the enemy may reduce the Action Counters of member of your own team, making your own models weaker than their card says.  Thus, when putting together a Titans list, your models generally would perform better in a list of a different crew.  Sidekick level characters are not considered Youngsters, however; therefore the best use of the Titans list is by taking at least three sidekicks.  Otherwise, those models are better off being used in a different crew.

Now, the Titans do have a couple of Strategies that only they can use.  The first is First Response in which 2 Titans may move an additional 2D6 before the game.   The second is Impulsive Team which grants 2 models an additional Attack Counter, but not allowing any models to put more counter in Attack than their natural score.  Neither of these Strategies are all that impressive.  Movement before the game is nice, but can also be replicated by Patrol, Reinforcements, and Fast Advance.  The ability to use Attack Counters in the first turn is going to be limited; Ranged Weapons might get a chance, but would have to catch a model in the open AND in range AND in light.  Seems very situational.

Now, with all that taken into account, let’s look at a couple of potential lists, using available models:

The Robins (300):
Damien Wayne
Arkham Knight
AC Tim Drake

Yes, you can take the Robin Four-Pack under a Batman Crew.  The only change here is the possibility of taking Arkham Knight, who is a very good character.  In taking this crew, I would advise a Turret and Advance.  Arkham Knight can be an excellent Turret model, dominating the field in his line of sight. Let him provide covering fire/a secure area for the other to Advance.  The Advance team is made of the rest of the Robins; under Arkham Knight’s covering fire and Tim Drake’s grenades, the team should be able to Advance to their objectives.  Do not be afraid to have Damien run off and grab a Loot or a Riddle; he should be able to move across the table and out of danger fairly well.

Big Money (350):
Kid Flash
AK Red Hood

Two big Funding models in Cyborg and Red Hood, but without gear to buy it’s a safe play.  You get a fair amount of shooting here, and all the models are good at moving around the board.  You would want to use misdirection; making your opponent think you want to move a certain way, only to really make your move in a different direction a turn later.  Impulsive Team could have a use here; Cyborg and AK Red Hood gaining an extra Attack counter allow them to make a ranged attack (reasonable for these models) and still have counters to put into Movement or Defense for the rest of the turn.

Fan Special:  The Outlaws (300):
Red Hood
Arsenal (Roy Harper)

Three models at 300 points?  I think you pretty much just shove Starfire directly at whatever might be the problem and back her up with a lot of shooting from the boys.  Hell, throw Red Hood right at the problem and let him shoot at it up close too. 

The Titans seem to be fairly limited in model choice and in their own rules.  The only real reason I see to use the Titans rules, as they stand right now, is if you want to mix some models that cannot be normally taken together.  The Outlaws can only be formed using these rules, Arkham Knight is usually only a Scarecrow crew model, and Ravager is usually only for “bad guy” crews, so if you want to mix those models together with the standard Batman "good guys," then the Titans are for you.

For the future, though, there are quite a few models coming their way:
            Aqualad, Bunker, Hawk, Dove, Raven, Superboy, Supergirl, and Wonder Girl

I’m assuming Hawk and Dove will have Teamwork, which I am starting to appreciate.  And Superboy, Supergirl, and Wonder Girl each have the potential to be incredibly strong models themselves.  I can’t wait to see how these add to the Titans.

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  1. Hi Andrew!
    You have encouraged me to try these lists. They are thematic and seem enjoyable.
    It is true that 3 or 4 models is not enough to be competitive, but it is true that its one of the teams with more names to appear. Maybe this changes with cheaper and useful miniatures.
    Thanks for the entry and Ill tell you how they work on a board.

  2. Reading the 4 teams, it seems this one is the most difficult to be played. Let's hope they will get some interesting models to make them more playable. Up to now, a lot of Teen Titans lists can be played under the banner of the Bat, so they don't have that bad issue of having their counters compromised by the enemy (interesting in the case of Starfire because her Flying High can be easily denied).