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BMG Analysis Robin (Carrie Kelley)

Hello everybody.
We begin this month focused on one of the most important works of Frank Miller, (and now 5 Robins, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne) and with this addition the only female version: Carrie Kelley. At only 54 rep and $100 funding she is near the Damian Wayne version in terms of cost, but with the main exception that she’s not equipped with a Batclaw, although she has the new and awesome trait Concealment (1MC+1SC) which gives her another approach. Additionally, she becomes the cheapest option to lead a Batman band being 5 points below Batgirl (Comic version) Barbara Gordon.
In Mobility terms she reminds us of Red Hood (Comic) since both lack the Batclaw but have Movement 4 combined with Agile and Acrobat. This will allow her to cover large distances and to land and jump to and from the top of roofs (Spring into the air: 12+3D6=15-30cm as 1MC is necessary to carry out this action). Agile is going to come in handy especially against anyone pushing her from above ground, as it gives her the option to land on the bottom and avoid the negative effects of falling if she exceeds an Agility check, which with Movement 4 is a 67% chance of success.

The offensive is clearly not her forte as she only has her Slingshot although it is true that this causes 1 lethal injury on impact, but is penalized by only having ROF 2 and requiring a 5+ to wound due to her low Strength. The positive side, with his lethal damage, is the ability to repeat failed impacts with Handy which can ensure that many times from the 20 cm (Short Range) she can cause damage be that lethal blood damage or stun from Just a Scratch!.

Defensively is where Carrie Kelley stands out, her Movement 4 together with Dodge makes her hard to hit from range. But mainly for Concealment (1MC+1SC) as this makes her only visible when in base to base contact with her and making rival shooters useless unless they possess traits such as Total Vision, Superior Sense of Smell or Enhanced Vision. This allows her to move freely around the table without much worry and even if she was hit dodge is her backup protection.

In support/Control tasks all she has is Handyman, and despite being the only character to date with an option to repair the Batmobile, her cost of $ 100 makes her incompatible, at least in 350 points games as the Batmobile already costs $1500. Although the inclusion of Adam West Alfred will allow her to be taken thanks to the $300 bonus he gives. As far as she is concerned, not having to pay MC to carry out actions to manipulate allows her, among other things, to use the sewers for only 1SC, recharge her Slingshot from Ammunition crates and turn on/Off the Batsignal and be unaffected by the ever annoying Whistles.

Given recent improvements in equipment list that are now accessible beyond just Henchmen, Carrie has the option to be equipped, provided that Bruce Wayne is in the band, some great toys. Perhaps the most interesting in this case is the Bat-Armor Mk II (+ 3/$400), which gives her a save of 6+, and especially Martial Artist (+2/$100) to further ensure her value of Defense 4 in situations of numerical inferiority,

In short, her Defense 4 together with her Concealment (1MC+1SC), and her lack of offensive power, makes her a character very focused on controlling objectives and you could even play with the strategies Secret Objective (2/C) and Change of Plans (1/C) to be able to control two ammo crates at once. While it is true that the "invisibility" allows her to move safely around the table, if combined with strategies to quickly reach the goals like Reinforcements (1/D) can give victory points from the first couple of rounds. Once she has reached her goal, her Willpower 6 is sufficient to activate Concealment and not have to worry about using the rest in MC to prevent ranged attacks with Dodge and focus only on defending in melee. With all this, if she also equips with the trait Martial Artist (+ 2/$100) she can become even more lethal.

If she wishes not to use these mechanisms to reach her goals, her high movement value makes her perfect to advance on the surface of the table even with a loot under her arm and, although it means sacrificing a little mobility, her "stealth" can be a massive advantage paired with her Sidekick rank allowing repeat Let's Go failed between the nearest Henchmen (20 cm or less). 

Finally, the Handyman lets her take actions to Manipulate without paying MC therefore allowing her to use the sewers only 1 SC or turn on/off Batsignal without having being affected by the whistles and Stop!

I do hope this weather doesn’t last it’s only June and the Robins are out in force it seems!

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