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We have created the first released of our customized counters and other material for Marvel Universe Miniature Game.

Link to Google Drive

The content of this first release is:

- Markers for the position of characters with the Skill Wall Crawler: 8 for the small base (Size 1-2) and 4 for bigger base (Size 3).

We suggest to use Blu-Tack or similar to mark the exact position of the model when it's attached to a scenery element.

- Markers for the Activated Characters. You can put the marker on the Character Card or near the model in the table once it finished all the actions in the turn.

- Recortable objectives markers of the Scenarios Control the Energy Pillars and The Relic.
The markers of The Relic are the Golden Gauntlet and the Blue Cube, both with the size of a 30mm base.

The markers of Control the Energy Pillars are in 3 colours with the standard size detailed on the Scenario (height of 3" and base of 40mm), and 3 markers with the same colour of each Pillar and the name of who is controlling it, the player A or B; the easiest way to mark this is bring near the Pillar marker, keep visible the controller player.

To fold the Pillars follow the next instructions:

1- Cut each Pillar.
2- Fold the white parts.
3- Fold the side circles inward, letting the printed side faced to the outside.
4- Glue the white parts and fold all together. If this action gets complicated, you can cut onee of the circles.

Enjoy it! Any question, comment or error/improve notification will be really useful for us.

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