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Report #001: Mad Hatter vs. Joker Batman Miniature Game [ENG]

Hi there!
Today I will describe my first game using the band I proposed for Wonderland Gang spending 100€.

Here the link.

Thanks Quimera for the use of your wonderful tables.

The assault was imminent and the idea was pretty clear. Just being there by the time decided, trying to be in calm and unnoticed. The rest would be easy:
Open the van, detonate and quit before the bat appears. Everybody wins!
If it was being carried out by profesional mercs nothing wrong would have happened.
But Jervis and Joker's egos attract problems. Joker would never permit little Jervis being at the same level so he decided to 'change' some parts of the main plan.

Bearing in mind the post I wrote some days ago, it was obvious that my list was the one I proposed.


Diego, good player and better person, decided to use his predilect band, The Joker.


Gotham City Outskirts.
Under construction zone where both crews meet face to face.
Everything is quiet and in calm as planned.

Scenario: Skirmish
I decide to deply my crew in two groups. First of all, the main group, composed by Jervis, his bodyguards and White Rabbit start in the middle of the board. Ravager and Little Spark deploy on one the right side.
Finally, The prisoner with the axe is deployed between Mad Hatter and a sewer cause I'm not sure where to go with him.

Diego deploys the whole crew together in the center of his deployment area. The prisoner with the pipe next to the sewer and Firefly in front of the tallest building of the board.

Here you can see the deployment from above.

Wait a minute... what are those cannisters? Something goes wrong and Jervis thinks the worst.
As you can see in the picture, I deploy most of my crew members together, forgeting the f***ing and exclusive Joker cannisters. Once again, I start a game against Joker not paying enough attention...

Joker shouts: 'Don't let them go! Don't leave anyone alive!' while ordering to advance against a surprised Mad Hatter's crew. Harley jumps and dances shaking and preparing the baseball bat.
As if they were in a horror film, Mad Hatter's soldiers start running in all directions trying to escape from what is coming.
In the following picture you can see the moves of the miniatures (red for 'Jokers', black for 'Hatters'). Prisoner with axe and Prisoner with tuve are both in the sewers. The lines with dots are for movements like batclaws and flying.

No news this turn. Joker's crew has the initiative and advance. Ravager and Spark run to take the loot in front of them but none of them scores the necessary centimeters. Jervis, moves to the center of the board and hides behind a Safe box while his bodyguard goes after. Joker, being the leader he is, moves to control the other box with no fear to the two rifles who are targeting him.
Mad Hatter: 1
Joker: 1

- Boss, I got a clear shot! - screams Tweedledum. Looks to The Joker, who seems alone, when realises that his bodyguard is not as far as he though. Thinking quickly decides to change the target and divide the shooting among different enemies. Two of them are hurt but none is killed. 

In the picture above, you can see how Tweedledum shoots and uses the batclaw to the closest building. Tweedledee tries to do the same shooting Joker, but fails the Let's Go! check and cannot be activated. Seeing this, Diego moves the prisoner of the smoke granades to cover with one of them his boss.
Tweedledee, observing the smoke in front of him, changes his mind and shoots a henchman, having only a 'Just a scratch'. After that, decides to run to control his own ammo objective.
Harley appears crossing the smoke and uses Confusion with Jervis avoiding the control of the Little man. Meanwhile, Joker launches his teeth to impact both, the bodyguard and Jervis.
Firefly lands and burns Mad Hatter and his bodyguard, killing the last one and firing Jervis. Apart from that, Diego moved the clown with the shotgun and KOed my leader. Great turn form him and interesting tactic.
Bearing in mind the game was going bad for me, I decided to go back with Ravager and Spark, running as fast as posible carrying the loot. Rabbit was controlling the ammo crate and I was winning the game but everything seemed to go wrong (as you'll see below).
Mad Hatter: 5
Joker: 3

Jervis, scared and recovering, looks around. His bodyguard is dead and the other two who were supposed to sabe him are far away. In that very momento, he considers whether he paid them enough or not. Suddenly, he realizes that Rose Willson is behind him. Maybe  he paid her enough...
For a second, trusts on his possibilities to reach the sewer. Difficult...

Mad Hatter crew has the initiative. Tired of waiting, I decide to use Jervis to control Firefly.
1 extra VP and two more activations. Apart from being able to use his flamethrower...
Harley changes her mind and jumps to hit Tweedledee before he activates and Little Spark, grabbing the loot, runs as fast as posible.
Diego decides to throw another smoke granade to the corridor of the Safe boxes so, when I actívate Firefly there is no posibilities to fire anybody. Instead of that, I prefer to place him in the middle of the corridor to avoid Joker's crew to cross to me.
Epic fail. The clown with the shotgun crosses the fence and shoots Jervis, KOing him. 4 VP that hurt.
he only thing I can do is to dispute the Ammo crate with my axe and finally kill Joker's bodyguard with ROF 1.
Altough the result is still for me, Diego and me know that it is a matter of time...
Mad Hatter: 10
Joker: 9

Ravager, as daughter of the most killer and trustful merc, knows that money and reliability are important. Walks straight to her destiny and gets ready to face it.
Jervis awakes on the floor, shocked and burnt. Observes Ravager earning her money and crawls to his only way of escape.
This turn could be summarized as follow:
- Ravager recibes a shoot from the shot gun.
- Ravager recibes a shoot from the gun.
- Ravager recibes a shoot from the flamethrower.
- Ravager dies with honors.
While Spark replaces Ravager to cover his boss, Tweedledum uses the batcllaw to move to control the Titan crate.
Worker and Master of Ceremonies help the prisoner with the pipe but my prisoner with axe survives!
Harley dispute my ammo objective and tries to KO Rabbit.
The game changes to a more fair result according to the things are happening on the board. 
Mad Hatter: 11
Joker: 14

Jervis is still crawling to the closest sewer and finally reaches it while the rest of the people are fighting around.
- Saved! - Thinks while leaves his crew behind.

Fateful turn.
I decide to start and sabe the Mad Hatter and... nothing else.
Diego killes Tweedledum with Joker's gun (the blue twin was already hurt) and Worker and Master finish with my Axeman.
Spark hits Firefly but can not KO him...
On the other edge of the board, Harley knocks Rabbit down and hits her but, she recovers.
The VPs this turn represent what I was perceiving.
Mad Hatter: 12
Joker: 23

In the middle of this bloody night, axes and bats finish with the rest of Mad Hatter's members. White Rabbit grabs unconcious Tweedledee's body and leaves the place.
Joker (and Diego) laughs in the dark.
I didn't take pictures from above this turn cause almost nothing happened. Firefly Hovered over a crate folllowed by an anxious and inofensive Spark and the prisoner of the pipe hug a cannister.
Considering the things that were happening, I think I was lucky. Rabbit and Tweedledee escaped alive... (and myabe Spark, but I didn't come back to check it). 
Mad Hatter: 12
Joker: 28

- Joker cheated! - Jervis said instead of assuming his responsibility.
The conclusion is simple, Diego played much better tan me.
His tactics were clear from the very beginning and his list was designed to be played has he palyed it.
I pretty think that the list I used is competitive and useful, but it is true that I didn't played well. The game was interesting and enjoyable, but I wasn't be a rival...
I would like to encourage you to probe it and tell me ideas!
The only thing I can do know is to review the way I played and congratulate the winner. Well done Diego and I'll be ready for the next one!

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  1. Amazing report, Mr. Vengeance! I encourage you to do more. Playing with everything painted on boards also painted, makes the gaming experience incredible.