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Glass containers for BMG

A few days ago the inspiration came to me to create a small set for the game tables. With the huge number of items available in the market the easiest thing was to buy something, some walls, some boxes or anything else. But when I was going to through some empty paint bottles to the rubbish I thought the idea of using them as a glass container. So there is this tutorial.

Materials and tools
·        Empty bottles of paint
·        2 Clips
·        2mm DM board
·        Paper
·        Coffee rods
·        Stirland Mud (Games Workshop)

·        Detail Cutters
·        Modelling Knife
·        Scissors
·        Super Glue
·        PVA Glue 

The first thing to do is to be sure that the empty paint bottle is clean enough, both parts the upper part of the bottle and the cap. Completely free from any rest of paint. Then we are going to use the Super Glue to fix the cap.

We will take out the paint label (we will use it later so don’t trough it!!).

We are going to cut off the extra material from the front part of the paint and the hook from the rear part with the detail cutters. We will use the modelling knife to polish it a little more.

To hide the cap, and simulate the vandalism of the city, we are going to use the same label of the paint. Moreover, we are going to use little pieces of soak paper (with a mixture of water and PVA glue) to reinforce the vandalism effect. Also it is useful to hide, a little, the label.

The next step is to cut the clip. We will mark the zone, and make holes there, where it will be glued to the paint bottle. The best way to fix it is with some super glue.

Then, we are going to glue the glass containers to the 2mm DM board as the base. We can use the imagination to put them in a determinate way. In my case I glued them closer enough to add some wooden planks, to simulate a barricade. 

To reinforce the vandalism effect we can create little wooden planks with the coffee rods. Making 3.30cm-long bits (log enough for a BMG base). We will glue them with PVA glue and put them in the correct place (it will depend entirely on you!)

We can make more alive our glass container zone by adding different things, as a kerb or adding pebbles. When all will be correct for us, we will use a thin Stirland Mud layer to make the asphalt.

The last thing to do is to go outside and find inspiration, taking some pictures of the city, painting the diorama and fill it with tones of street paintings!

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