martes, 18 de abril de 2017

Painting Step by Step: Katana

And finally the turn comes to the last member box of the suicide squad. Katana! 

As in the rest of the other cases we are going to use Chaos Black and White Corax from Games Workshop (for short, if you see that I put an asterisk * after the name of the paintings will mean that is a GW paint, otherwise I will put the brand back). 

To begin with the skin we are going to use Tallarn Flesh*, if you do not have this paint, you should look for some clear-flesh paint (something lighter than Cadian Fleshtone*). We will give to the miniature a wash mixing some Seraphim Sepia* with Reikland Fleshshade* to make an oriental tone flesh. Finally, we will make some lights with the base color and a mixture 1/1 of Flayed One Flesh* in prominent areas.

We are going to use Brown Gray (of Scale75 brand) as the base color, we will give an Abaddon Black* wash (if you see that when you wash with paint the effect is not right, some hand soap to the mixture with water. The soap will break the surface tension of the water and you will have a uniform wash). We will illuminate with the Brown Gray and raise it by mixing with Dawnstone*.

Top (to call it somehow), mask, armband and knee pads
We will use Krieg Khaki* as base color, we will apply Seraphim Sepia*, lighting with color base and last light with Ceramite White*.  
To do the mask, we will do a small wash with Xereus Purple* in the area of the "eyes". To knee pads also we will do the same wash and brush the details with Xv-88* illuminated with XV-88* mixed with Dorn Yellow* and end lights with pure Dorwn Yellow*.

Jacket and hair
Necron Abyss* as base color, wash with Abaddon Black* and we will make the lights with the base color mixed with Administratum Grey*.
To paint the hair we are going to use Abaddon Black* as the color base and adding lights with Dawnstone* and Administratum Grey*.

Red parts
We are going to paint all the red parts of the miniature with Mephiston Red* mixed with Rhinox Hide* as the base color, to make the lights we are going to use Mephiston and Evil Sunz Scarlet*. Then we are going to draw a circle in the mask with the same shade of red base, we will draw another circle in the downside of the previous circle with Mephiston Red* and a small line near the white part with Evil Sunz Scarlet*.

Yellow details of the jacket
We are going to start with XV-88* illuminated with Bubonic Brown* and Dorn Yellow*, then we will make a wash with Seraphim Sepia* and we will illuminate it again with Dorn Yellow*.

Boots, gloves and brown parts
For these parts we will use the same colors that we've been using in the brown parts of the rest of the squad. Rhinox Hide*, Mournfang Brown*, Xv-88* and a gentle washing at the end with Agrax Earthshade* if you find that the color is going a little bit brightly.

Metals and base

Once more, we can take advantage of the fact that the miniature has not too many metal parts to apply a non-metallic-metal technique. If we decided not to use this technique, we can use the typical Leadbelcher*, followed by Ironbreaker* and Runefang Steel* for plated metals, and Gehenna’s Gold*, Auric Armour Gold* and Runefang Steel* for the gold. We will end the base as we like and that will be all. Katana is ready!

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