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Monthly releases of Knight Models games

Knight Models has published the new releases of the month for its two games, including the new starter pack of Falcone Crime Family for Batman Miniature Game, which until now had no starter of its own, and Darkseid and its Parademons for DC Universe Miniature Game as a new faction.

Without more, we will analyze these releases briefly:

Batman Miniature Game Releases

As we said, the Organized Crime crew until now did not have their own miniatures, so with this starter and Alberto as a sidekick, we started to have a new full crew.
Also note that the henchmen of this starter has also affiliate Two Face and Black Mask, so these two crews also have new novelties.

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As for their profiles, Falcone as leader of the crew happens to become one of the most interesting Bosses we have seen so far, with traits that contribute a lot to his crew, such as Revenge, Great Strategist and Lord of Business, and others based on control, like Bluff and Demotivate, besides being a hard bone to gnaw, since with the rule For the Family, all the henchmen of his crew happen to be Bodyguard and in addition they do not have to pay the SC for it.

As for the henchmen that accompany him, they are all very playable, good in melee and mobility, although they will have to be taken with care because they have little endurance.

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As for his sidekick, highlight his Strategist, that if you play with Falcone you will have 6 strategy points, the greatest number of them so far, which gives a tactical aspect very valuable and decisive. In addition, this character has a profile of "killer", which we can use to kill off the rival leader, thanks to his traits The Holiday Killer, Hidden Weapon, Assassin 3, all attached to his Hidden and Stealth.  

As for the modeling of this "new crew", the truth is that they are very cool despite going all dressed with suits, especially Falcone, in my opinion the best in the crime family.

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Another of the releases of the month has been Professor Pyg and his Dollotrons, which has surprised us pleasantly, being a very interesting and fun Free Agent to play, since for 90 reputation points it takes four miniatures, so it will be a great signing for any crew of villains, especially if it is combined with Hugo Strange.

DC Universe Miniature Game Releases

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As for the releases for DC Universe Miniature Game, highlight the appearance of a new villain, Darkseid, with his Parademons, with double faction and very interesting profiles, highlighting among other things the hardness of Darkseid, which makes him practically immortal and his Omega Beam, capable of doing 10 points of damage at one go.

As a curiosity comment that one of the Parademons, the winged, comes with  "Mutiverse" profile for Batman Miniature Game ", which will only be possible to choose it for the Secret Six, exclusively.

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In addition to the villains, the Justice League also has a new incorporation, Shazam, which we can highlight his enormous speed, gets to move up to 16 inches, its hardness, thanks to his Resistance 1 to three types of damage and his Healing Lightning , And the type of Supernatural damage from his attacks, which will make him a very choice to keep in mind.

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Finally, comment that a new Spray Template for DC, with its "corporate" blue, goes on sale, since the MUMG ceased to exist, the game did not have one own.


And so far our summary and analysis of the releases of the month, we await your comments and opinions.


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  1. Pr Pyg without his mask is quite handsome ! :)

    Nice recap of this month releases. The noticeable price hike for boxed set (Organized Crime and Pyg) was worth mentioning though.