jueves, 27 de abril de 2017

Superman in BMG?

Hi to everyone.

After the latest publications of Knight Models about Lex Luthor and his well-known crew, it is not known if the brand is sending subliminal messages and he's letting us know that the only citizen of Metropolis that will arrive at Gotham will not be Lex, but his die-hard rival, Superman, is also preparing his landing on BMG.

This is not surprising, since from the release of the expansion of The Flash & Arrow is already known that the arrival of Kryptonians was a matter of time, since both Supergirl and Superboy appear as members of the team of Teen Titans. To top this, with the "Frank Miller month", a crippled Green Arrow was seen and entered into years holding nothing more and nothing less than a Kryptonite arrow, whose trait was also written next to the weapon.

The week began with the next "encrypted telegram" on Tuesday, in which it was clearly announced that Luthor was about to disembark in Gotham with his troops to hunt the Bat, and prepared for possible reprisal by "a Kryptonian ".
Yesterday, this rumor became even stronger with the image of a LexCorp dossier, which showed an illustration of the Man of Steel, dated May 2017. This would have been but a rumor if had they not added in it Instagram the hashtag referring to Batman Miniature Game.
And to finish the week, the publication a few hours ago (with the image that opens this article), which showed an image of the Man of Steel next to the Batman, again alluding to Batman Miniature Game.

So it could be said that it is a shout out loud that the Man of Steel is closer than we think. There will be people who think that the arrival of the "supers" to BMG is an aberration. I think the Legend rank is something to exploit, and well done sure will fit great in the game. Whenever I talk about this, I put the same example: X-Wing and its epic mode; you can play more or less, but the option to play with huge ships is there, even if there is already another game called Armada and is 100% designed for it.

When Flash was announced, many people got their hands on their heads, as with the Batmobile, and so far none of the 2 have been seen as being decisive in the games, demonstrating that a well integrated scale of power dont has to destroy the game.

So, it seems that our Innocent Day last December 28th (the spanish Fools Day) is becoming closer to being a reality. Only Knight Models knows de answer.

What do you think? Would you like to see Superman and so many illustrious superheroes with Superpowers across the streets of Gotham?

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred,
Xermi (translated by Josito)

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