jueves, 6 de abril de 2017

First impressions about the Arkham Knight Campaign Book - Batman Miniature Game

At last the Arkham Knight Campaign Book comes to the stores, and we can bring you our own review with the most outstanding, to whet your appetite until you get yours.

To begin, comment that like The Flash and the Arrow Expansion, this edition is awesome, maintaining perfectly the aesthetics of the video game that is reflected in each page.

Talking about  the campaign, we were surprised by the quality of the narrative and the extension and number of the scenarios, very detailed. The evolution system is very well developed, with items only available only for campaign mode, including wounds table in case you suffer casualties and accumulating experience for the survivors, which reminds us games like Mordheim or BloodBowl.

It is also very interesting the Predator mode scenario, which represents perfectly the combat system of the videogame. We also really liked the multiplayer scenario, which we are looking forward to try out, it looks like awesome.

In short, a multitude of game modes that will enrich the game considerably.

As already anticipated, the book brings an expansion to existing equipment lists, with special mention to the protagonist crews in the video game that are the clear beneficiaries, especially those of Batman, Scarecrow and Law Force. In fact, the band of the villain are very improved, with equipment that maximizes the power of the fear of Scarecrow, being now much more lethal than before thanks to the equipment Secret Laboratory, whose use already was revealed in one of the new articles published in the new KM web.

The Enigma crew also comes out reinforced, with equipment that allows it to place up to 8 Clue Markers with their robots, instead of the five that could before, among other little toys.

In short, KM has taken advantage of to reinforce some of the crews that had been left behind, changing the way to work with specialized equipment, which also improves the game in this sense, a great success.

On the other hand, the section of Special Traits is expanded, with all the new skills that have been showing, and others that are to come. With this, we have been able to know that they do traits like Disturb, trait with which came Monster T, Obstinate or Sneaking of Catwoman, besides including other traits like Multitask or Autorepair, that came in the new starter of Riddler.

Another of the most interesting sections of this expansion is the vehicles, where we can find the profiles of the skins for the Batmobile: for Joker, for Riddler, for Robin or for the Modern Age version of Batman.
In addition we can find the profiles of the tanks of Scarecrow, the fearsome Rattler, that will give many reasons to dust off all our miniatures with antitank.

As if this were not enough, generic profiles come out for different types of utilitarian and best of all: the longed-for profile for Swat Van!!

As a final comment to say that, this new expansion is a success on the part of KM, as it will improve the game considerably, both for the game options as for the improvements that have been made to some crewa, in addition to the inclusion of vehicles. In short, Batman Miniature Game and its fans are winning.

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  1. It sounds like a good book but it also means someone getting into Batman now has 3 expensive books to purchase for all the equipment.