martes, 25 de abril de 2017

Painting Step by Step: Nightwing AK - Batman Miniature Game

Hi people, today we bring you a small tutorial and I say small, because this miniature is a miniature with very few colors but with its complicated part if we want to take advantage of the armor.

As always we will start with the primer in this case I chose black because it is a very dark miniature.

The next step was a first general light from a high point, if you can use airbrush or spray better, if not, nothing happens, we will use these two colors in a very diluted way, the colors are those that appear in the photo. The Stonewall Grey and Black, 20% gray and 80% black, is a good mix.

Once we have the first general light, on the wet palette, which we explained in other tutorials, we will mix the same colors, this will allow us to take the darkest tone to clearer as we move to the edges of the armor. Here is an example of how degraded it would be.

At first, the darker lights will hardly be appreciated, but they are there! Do not clarify too much in the first tones, and we will degrade successively ...

This will be our aspect with the first degraded, which in turn in the hair we will do the same.
It looks already very handsome!.

Our next step will be the most intense lights in the armor, we will mix to 50% this Light Sea Grey and Dead White, on the wet palette.

We will give the last ligths on the most pronounced parts of the previous reflexes.

Our next step will be to start with the blues, I chose this blue of Model Air, for me they are very good even if they are not used with the airbrush since the paint is very diluted, and will respect the previous shadows and lights.

We will apply in the parts of the armor that are blue. this figure can be of great help to you the references of the blue colors, and even of reflections. Remember also the batons.

First blue tones.

Next step on the wet palette, we will mix the previous blue with this Magic Blue of Game Color...

...and we will apply it in the "higher" parts of the previous blue and parts of the batons.Then you can continue to lighten the blue with a little white or leave it as is, as you prefer.

It is the hour of the skin, I started with this Cadian Fleshton of Citadel. Being the face, ensure that this well diluted, to not cover details.

For the parts of lights, I used again, another color of citadel, this Kislev Flesh, on the tip of the nose or cheekbones can clarify this color with a little white, to highlight more the face.

And that's all! This should be the final aspect of the miniature, as you can see the painting is simple with a great result, I hope it will help you for this or other miniature of similar looking.

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