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SMG: Analysis Superior Spiderman and Spiderlings

Hello everybody.
With the releases of this month about Spider-Man Miniature Game, on this entry and the next one some analysis are going to be made about what offer these profiles in Batman Miniature Game. As it can be expected the first review is focused on the hero that gives name to this expansion: Spiderman.
Beginning with the version inside the starter blister, the set of traits he comes with capture de essence of the walls climber, especially about his most remarkable facet: mobility. He has all the traits related with that aspect: Acrobat, Climbing Claws (both of them for being Arachnid, in addition to Reflexes and Super-Jump) and Batclaw, all this joined with his Movement 4 and the new trait Super-Jump (for 2MC+1SC, as part of his movement he may move straight up or down 20 cm with no penalty and without affecting his movement) makes him a great character in mobility terms. Also the combination of Agile + Reflexes makes him quite hard to suffer damage when falling.

Offensively talking, in ranged attacks he is equipped with his throwing spider webs, one of them with medium range (which combines perfectly with Night Vision) and although it only causes  it makes the enemy to lose at least one action counter if he/she is damaged due to the Enervating/1 effect. The other kind of web is more powerful () but it has a lower range, 20 cm, although it applies the Push effect which is perfect for displacing the enemies out of an objectives they are controlling or disturbing any friend. On both cases they damage on a 3+. In close combat he has not Attack 5 but he has Strength 2+ and Claws, which let him to inflict  with unarmed attacks.

On the defensive area, he has Defense 5, but for 2 SC (Arachnid Sense) he can increase it in +1 if his attacker is not a Symbiote (here is where we all think in Venom, who already has a miniature, and why not in Carnage). The good point of this Spiderman is the fact that being Scientific lets him to use until 4 SC, so he can use that action twice on the same round; this combined with his Movement 4 + Dodge + Reflexes makes him almost immune against ranged attacks. Ad a detail, he is immune to steal effect for having Safe Hands, and if that he could have his weapons stolen, in terms of background he couldn't use his "Batclaw".

As additional detail, due to his Superior Hero condition he doesn't want anyone on his side with a reputation cost higher than 120 points, although with the few known profiles nowadays there is no one inflicting this rule. Also, if during the game he hasn't being able to obtain at least 3 VP by himself, his gang loses 1 VP at the end (Maximum Efficiency). Lastly is curious the detail of having to pass a Willpower roll each time he wants to do a Coup de Grâce because of Parker's conscience still inside Spiderman's body, although it is circumstantial due to his Leader condition lets him to re-roll failed tests of that attribute. This is something to have into account due to his attacks to KO enemies will pass from  to .

Having a look to his characteristic Henchmen, all of them have a profile similar to the cheap cops or Scarecrow militia, with the difference of their Endurance, although it could be said the take some of both due to all of the are Veteran and except 023 the others can Arrest.
Apart from having an expensive value for being Henchmen (both in reputation and $), all of them carry range weapons quite powerful. 04 an 023 come with an X-MG whose danger is in the lack of losing ROF for moving (Assault), which combined with its ROF 3 and 40 cm of range makes the rival to take care during his advance because one single attack of that weapon can inflict until 6x, even one of them (023) can re-roll failed impacts due to his condition of Master Marksman. The third one (035) is armed with a Flame-thrower which is perfect for dealing with crowds, also it applies the Fire effect to all enemies affected, and with the new released rules it is specially annoying for the Symbiotes.

Counting the reputation points inside the starters there is enough for building a crew with 280 points invested only in 4 character, and looking the 110 reputation points of Daredevil and 90 of Punisher it invites to think this is a quality gang over a quantity gang. We will see how the other crews are, but it seems that the famous characters are going to be expensive.

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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