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Batday report La Cueva del Trol

Hello everybody.
Last Saturday a Batday took place in La Cueva del Trol (Valencia - Spain) where some activities related with the hobby where done. By my side I saw myself overwhelmed due to I didn't expected that affluence of people, but I make a positive reading about that and it means the community in Valencia is still growing. I must thank to the people that helped me during the event giving me their support on other game boards: Darel (El Sobaco de Batman), Pepelucho (La Biblioteca de Alfred) and Manel (Castellón's Son of Batman).

A veteran and newbie group of Gotham citizens joined to decide if they want to protect the city or destroy it
Some of them know quite well which side they are joining
Regarding the different events, two gaming boards were used for demo-games to the new possible player, and after the day one of them decided to join out bat-family (it's more like the Bane-family). On one of those two demo-boards a few members of Bane met with some member of The Court of Owls:
  • Bane: Bane Arkham Origins, Smash, Dallas
  • Court of Owls: Benjamin Orchard, William Cobb, Strix
On this demo-games I don't use to take into account the reputation points, just having on each side a Leader and 2 Henchmen, and if it is possible one of them with a range weapon and the other focused on the close combat.
During the game, Dallas took position on a roof using his batclaw to intimidate the Owls during their advance, although Cobb and Strix didn't cared about that due to their skills for ignoring ranged attacks with high probability, but a change of position to another roof made Benjamin to be killed by a single attack of Dallas' Assault Rifle. Regarding the other 4 members, while Bane was annulling their opponents thanks to his Stun, Smash killed them using his Maul having in account they couldn't defence themselves. Last victim was Strix, even though having been knocked out 2 consecutive rounds she always recovered and in a last try of killing Bane she almost did it letting him with just 1 injury left, his response and Smash's was killing her.
Strix remains on the ground, at the feet of Bane and Smash, seconds before joining her death Owl mates
While, on the table next to this one a free game was taking place between where Green Arrow had the difficult work pruning Ivy's plants on Gotham streets:
  • Green Arrow: Green Arrow, Speedy, Black Cannary, O'Connell, Bravo, Tonfa, Tonfa
  • Poison Ivy: Poison Ivy Arkham Asylum, Catwoman, Harley Quinn Classis, Spore Plant, Creeper Plant, Creeper Plant, Milo, Meatman

This time Green Arrow had to left for a while Starling City without its vigilante for helping in Gotham in the expulsion of Poison Ivy and the rest of Sirens.
All the action took place in the middle of the scenery due to al the objectives were there, so having that into account Green Arrow used his strategies to iluminate a few more the dark city of Gotham and maximize the range of their bows. The struggle began, as it was expected, with some shoots from Green Arrow against a plant on the top of a building. Meanwhile and with him busy with the plant, Catwoman ran to the Loot with the idea of taking it, but a calculation error made her not to realize Bravo was near and he stopped her using his whistle. On the other side, the own Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and the rest of mobile members of the gang advanced to their objectives under the rain of arrows of the enemy, being some of them wounded by the projectiles.
With Green Arrow focused on shooting and Ivy's plant's disturbing Black Canary and the rest of members of the gang, it was an utopia that the "good" guys could reach their objectives. At the moment the Sirens finally reached the close combat distance and ended with the bothersome whistles and the overwhelming Agent O'Connell, it wasn't complicate for Selina to take the loot and runaway with it to the roofs.
On his side, Speedy didn't stayed impassive and decided to use his explosive arrows for ending with some Ivy's henchmen and wounded her also. Taking advantage of that, Oliver did the same as his apprentice making Dr. Isley to became shocked thanks to his special arrow, which made the task of sending her back again to the Arkham Asylum much easier to the cops. Watching what happened to her leader and friend, Dr. Quinzel tried to push the cops that were defending the Titan Container but with a null effect.
In view of the events everything seemed to be decided for the Emerald Archer's side, but an immediate threaten on his native Starling City made him to left the job without a conclusion ending the battle in a draw.
Nature sows chaos in Gotham while Green Arrow & Speedy do their best for avoiding that
On the other two boards, in one of them Pepelucho was leading a second demo-game, although on this case with more miniature for testing an alternative teaching way:
  • League of Shadows: Ra's Al Ghul Comic, Nyssa Al Ghul, Yang, Shadow, Agent 3 (Katana), Agent 1 (Kamas).
  • Batman: Batwoman, Catwoman, Damian Wayne, Alpha, O'Connell, Ron, Policeman, Tonfa.
It was a tactic game where the ninjas couldn't advance directly by the fear of being shoot by Alpha SWAT and Ron, but finally they could reach their objectives and win at the points at Plunder's Scenario. Batowan and her crew counter-attacked and ambushed Ra's Al Ghul, who was almost defeated if they could had more time.
On this case we decided to test completed lists, and although the newbie people could saw the variety of characters and all they can do, a huge quantity of miniatures can difficult the learning process mainly for the big amount of traits must be had in account.
Newbie polices lead by Batwoman try to repel from Gotham streets a team of newbie ninjas too
While, on the fourth board a 4v4 game was happening:
  • Bane (199/$900): Bane DKR, Deadshot, Mc Gregor (Batclaw + Titan Dose + Antidote)
  • Batman (200/$0): Batman Arkham Knight, Damina Wayne
  • Scarecrow (195/$950): Deathstroke, Little Spark (Stealth), Prisoner 01: Tube (Stealth)
  • League of Shadows (196/$0): Ra's Al Ghul Comic, Talia Al Ghul
Shifting Allegiances happens on Gotham city (background)
Unfortunately only two round could be played due to two of the players had to leave, but the remaining ones decided to cross their gangs on a face to face:
  • Joker: Joker Arkham City, Master of Ceremonies, August, Clown (knife)
  • Wonderland Gang: Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Tweedledee, Tweedledum
The game faced the Joker against the last one arriving to Gotham: Mad Hatter and his guys. The two gangs didn't had the same luck and in a a exchange of shoots Jervi's Gang let Master of Ceremonies and Triston hardly wounded during the first rounds by the "twins". Seeing that, Joker decided to use his most appreciated weapon for killing on a single shot Tweedledum. On Dr. Tetch's side he decided tu use his hypnotizing skills to control Triston's mind and making him hurting Master of Ceremonies even more. At round 4 the game was almost ended due to the outnumber of Wonderland members, so Joker had to change his plans and begin controlling objectives to try to draw the game, but Wonderland did the same and the difference in point reminded until the end. At the end of the game Wonderland won 23 to 20.
Lesson of the day: never give your back to a Joker's clown, even if he is your mate
Mad Hatter is still seeking for his Alice
At the end of the event a miniature draw was made, that miniature was given by the own shop. On this case the winner was Carlos, one of the newbies ready for joining to the destruction of Gotham.

Summarizing, the event can be considered a success and 2 new players have joined this adventure called Batman Miniature Game. The rest of pictures can be seen here.

Before closing the report, here you can see a video about the event:

Regards and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred.

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