jueves, 29 de diciembre de 2016

Painting Step by Step: Killer Croc

Second member for the Squad. This time is Killer Croc's turn! We are going to star by priming in black and we will use white form the top just to emphasize the point where the light comes.

To have the closest tone of a crocodile skin we are going to use some dark green that we have. In my case I started with Orkhide Shade


To the first lights we will use some lighter green. However, the green that we are looking for should be closer to skin tones. Camo Green suits perfectly. The lower lip will have this colour as last light to make it darker. As second lights we can use this color mixed with Elf Flesh, or with Flayed One Flesh.
To make the sking more human-like we can use Reikland Fleshshade, in my case I was looking for a more brown tone. So I used Gryphonne Sepia (you need to be very careful using shades because sometimes the shade doesn't work properly... in my case the shade didn't work as I expected and I needed to use Rhinox Hide to fix the problem).
At last the sking was darker than expected but I liked the final tone.

We are going to use Vermin Brown as the base colour, also Mournfang Brown is also useful to start. We will put some Agrax Earthshade, then we will make some lights with Vermin and the last lights with Vomit Brown
Inner T-shirt and hand's bandage
As base colour we will use XV-88, mixed with Krieg Khaki to the first light and some final lights with Krieg Khaki (you can use Ceramite White to make more lights if you like).
Trousers and jacket
We are going to start by using Rhinox Hide as a wash. To make the first lights we will use Brown Gray (Scale75 brand). We will use Agrax Earthshade, And finally, we will make some lights with the Brown on the biggest scales in the trouser. 
We are going to paint the slipper at this point using the Brown Gray as base colour. In my case I was a little dumb because I could use the Flayed One Flesh and Ceramite White to make the lights and then use the Agrax shade that I used for the trousers on the slipper...some times Inspiration comes last...

Extras on the clothes
To paint the side lines on the trousers, the name, the crocodile simbols and the zip of the jacket and the sweatshirt we are going to use the same colours. XV-88 as base colour, followed by Bubonic BrownDorn Yellow and Ceramite White. When it become dry, we will use Gryphonne Sepia (praying for an appropriate effect from the shade).
At last Killer Croc only needs to have it base painted as the rest of the squad and we will have our second member of the squad ready!!!

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