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BMG: How to Start in Batman #002: The Penguin

Hi there!

I have prepared another post about how to start in BMG with a competitive list spending 100€.

As I already said in the previous analysis (LINK), this is only an idea. There are much more options and lists. In fact, I would appreciate feedback with different proposals.


Almost three years ago I started collecting BMG's miniatures and, bearing in mind there were only three different warbands and Oswald Cobblepot is one of my favourite villains in Gotham, I have being playing Penguins for a long, long period. It was fair to analyze this crew!
This band can defeat any list taking into account its advantages and knowing what to do. It is a crew in which every member has to do something but working together. The Free Agents can play alone, however, henchmen must act as only one miniature (thanks to Mob and Mobster rules).
Taking into account that Penguin provides more money, you'll have the opportunity to buy rifles, guns and great equipment!
Here you have the packs I propose to buy (clicking on each picture you'll go to Knight Models' profiles):







Penguin's Crew has, as I have already said, the advantage of having 500$ extra and cheap (but not quite good) henchmen.
I was thinking about playing with Reverse Fkash instead of Catman, but I consider that, besides I love the idea of Penguins and Cats together, Thomas Reese Blake is good but menacing and hitting.
According to this, we'll have a list of 339 REP, what alouds you to include later a Prisoner with a pipe (10) or the crazy from Pavilion A (10).


The Penguin
75 REP
100 REP
66 REP
Penguin Emperor 
Grapple gun, Ostentatious clothes
31 REP
Royal Penguin
Grapple gun, Ammo
24 REP
Blue Penguin (Shield) 
13 REP
Blue Penguin (Automatic gun)
15 REP
Blue Penguin (Machete) 
13 REP
Estrategy: Patrol  
1 Point
Estrategy: Patrol  
1 Point
Estrategy: Change of Plans
1 Point
First of all, you must bear in mind that one of the objectives of your enemies will be to kill your Boss. Remember that therre are no bodyguards available so keep Penguin surrounded by Henchmen such as Machete, Shield and Penguin Emperor. Inspire then at the beginning of each round and use Emperor's 'Follow me!' to advance as fast as posible. Maybe you can 'touch' an objective in the first turn!
This would be the first group to be deployed.
For the second one, I would use the Strategy: Patrol to start out of the deployment área with the rifle and Catwoman. The first one on a roof, controlling a large corridor and the sencond one below him, facing somewhere you can place the loot (remember that she will have 2VPs thanks to Primary Target: Loot).
Finally, I would deploy the penguin with the automatic gun next to the main group and Catman threatening the enemy, having áreas to cover Penguin or advancing straight to the objetives.
- Penguin: Oswald main objective is to maintain the goup together, giving them 'Inspire' and defending with his gun. Remember to keep the shield as close as posible and be sure you have enough sewers to escape (from 1 till 4 turn!!!).

- Catman: Is the only one who can defeat the biggest enemy. He can move quite well (no grapple gun or Acrobat, but Climbing Claws). Attack and Defense 5, plus Claws and Master Fighter...

- Catwoman: Her objective is quite simple. Grab the loot and run away. Remember that, after placing the objectives, you must choose only one of the lotos, which will be the Primary Target! In case you can not grab it, use Catwoman as a defender of your own or enemy's objectives because her Dodge rule and her Defense 5 will be enough to resist.
- Penguin Emperor: Defense 4 and Football Gear. This guy can resist quite well. Remember to use 'Follow me!' and try to follow the big group. His grepple gun and Goad can be a pain in the ass. It is important to consider that when using Goad against and enemy grabing a Loot, that miniature has to leave it cause he or she can not pay the MC to move with it. Maybe it is a good idea to do this trick if Catwoman can no take it.
- Royal Penguin: The best miniature ever!!! I've killed Strix, Bane, Butcher with him... Grapple gun, rifle and ammo... Use the Street guy rule to cover for free and try to move at the end of the round to a place full of scared enemies.
- Blue Penguin (Shield):  Following Oswald or defending an objective. 4+ against shoots and +1 nding in close combat.
- Blue Penguin (Automatic gun): Defend with this guy placing him 15 cm. away from an objective, forcing the enemy to choose wheter to go to kill him or to touch the objective. If it is posible, move him to dispute it at the end of the round!
Blue Penguin (Machete): 'Inspired' in group (Mobster) can be so good. The other idea (in case is nos occupied by Oswald) use the sewers in turn 1.

Finally, I've chosen Change of Plans to move the objective Catwoman must grab.
- Control bands such as Ivy or Mad Hatter.
- No Undercovers or Hiddens, so no control after Objectives fase.
- Oswald will be the target of Batflecks and Deathstrokes.
- Altough it is a crew of many miniatures, 8 is not enough to play that way. Be careful with enemies with miore miniatures and Safe Boxes.
- You will play with 339 REP.

- Movement, shooting and Catman.
- VPs when Catwoman grabs the loot.
- Being lucky you can activate two or three henchmen in the same activation. In fact, once I KOed Ra's Al Ghul using only Penguins.
- Catman and Royal Penguin can move quickly and condition the other crew.
- Two grapple guns and presents to be bought such as Goad or Ammo.
- The miniatures in the Starter set are the four of them quite useful.


Here you have some ideas to include in your band in order to change it in different ways:

- Zsasz's Starter. Zsasz is always aloud and the Lunatic from Pav A is a great filler (10 REP).
- The two Prisoner Starters: prisoner with smoke grenades, Little Spark, High Security Henchman and the bodyguard.
- Copperhead, Deathstroke or Clayface: Undercover to counter the Batsignal.
- Mr. Freeze. Oswald can choose to lotos so, with Catwoman, you can achieve 4 VPs each round! (Thanks Minak!).
Here you have the link to KM's webpage to see what you can include: LINK.

I expect you find this article useful. In some weeks I'll upload a report playing this crew against another famous band. I expect better results tan the last one...
What do you think about the list? has it got possiblities? What would you change?

See you!

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