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BMG Analysis Batman (Modern Age)

Hi to everyone.
What better way to close the year than with a novelty like this, the tenth incarnation of the Dark Knight (if one takes into account the alternative profile of Zur-En-Arrrh). Although its cost is 100/$0, if it wants to exploit its full potential, it must be accompanied by the original Robin, specifically the one that accompanies him in this starter: Robin Boy Wonder, so the total amount of this Dynamic Duo Is 165/$100.

To begin with, his synergy with Boy Wonder is reflected in his attributes due to Assistance because if he accompanies and is alive, Bruce's Willpower rises by 1 point to make a value worthy of all Batman above him (except of Zur-En.Arrrh): 8; at the moment that the Wonder Boy is retired as casualty, although his Willpower returns to be the base of 7, his Strenght ascends to 2+. But even more dangerous is the other synergy offered by his The Dynamic Duo, which allows to chain the activation of this Batman after his pupil if he is within 20 cm or less of it, allowing you to take advantage of everything that the young Grayson has achieved in his objective previously:
  • Take advantage of Outnumbered.
  • Take advantage of the Disarray of this one so you do not have to worry so much about the opponent blocking you, having moved you up to 2 counters in this Defense case, but for this he also has Sneak Attack (1SC).
  • Top off what Dick has left touched.
  • Take advantage to hit 2+ if he has succeeded in knocking down his objetive.
  • ...
In terms of Mobility, it has, along with the Animated version, the most complete Batman of all thanks to the combination of his value 3 of Movement, Acrobat, Batcape (1SC, passive) and Batclaw (1MC+1SC). If the fact of being Acrobat already allows him to move 12 cm of base and be able to cross obstacles or jump without having to pay MC, this second fact will allow him to use his Batcape (1SC, passive) to descend from the heights by paying only the SC needed to activate it. On the Batclaw (1MC+1SC) little more must be said that is not known already.

Offensively speaking, he offers some attributes worthy of any Batman that it precie: Attack 5 and Strength 3+, upgradeable to 2+ if Boy Wonder falls next to him in act of service (Assistance), and Reinforced Gloves to cause for each wound, which In addition it would entail the loss of an action counter in its rival, and not being a weapon they are still valid at the time of making Grab (1SC). In mele, as an additional tool to the aforementioned he has the always annoying Sneak Attack (1SC) that allows him to carry out unlockable blows as long as at the beginning of his activation his target does not see him, especially useful in it thanks to the combination with his Stealth in addition to his high mobility. This may be useful for dealing with high defense rivals without having to use Robin before to take away DC, although it is all played in a single roll both to hurt and to hit (assuming a rival of Defense 5, this is where the function Robin to give him a situation of Outnumbered charges entire, unless his target is called Ras Al Ghul or Deathstroke, or rather, have Martial Artist).

From the distance is not as dangerous as some of his older brothers, since "only" has 2 Batlings usable to 20cm (Short Range), although he can always shoot 2 in 2 (ROF 2) thanks to being Throwing, which allows him to find a good shooting position before using them. Thanks to the Disarray of Robin, in the case of this Batman can be a good weapon to deal with the ever elusive Acrobat having left them before with the least amount of MC possible to avoid using Dodge. Some of its main uses are:

  • Obviously, trying to leave KO of a single attack to the weak characters of Defense 2 and Endurance 4 or, why not, to try to cause 4 stun of blow in any rival (here the really complicated one is the roll to impact)
  • Try to knock down a rival so that a teammate can take advantage of it
  • Break some lamppost (s) that can get in trouble with the allies (or himself) with only a 2+ to hit and leaving Just a Scratch! do the rest.
In Defensive terms, in addition to his Defense value 5, it offers passive protection against attacks (and traits) at a distance thanks to not being visible to more than 20cm (Stealth), and in melee, and also passively, his Martial Artist makes him immune to Outnumbered situation, so only through traits like Distract or Confusion it could reduce this value. In addition to his Stealth, being Acrobat gives him, in his case, up to 3 options to avoid ranged attacks with 50% success options in each attempt (Dodge). Although in a circumstantial way, his Batcape (1SC, passive) also serves as protection against bounces by possible push, although for that it must have some SC to be able to open it if the case occurs.

Finally in Support/Control tasks this Batman only brings his deductive abilities (Detective). One of its two uses is to be able to solve Riddles with greater security being able to repeat the first roll if it so wishes. Secondly, the approach changes if you decide to accompany Robin and take advantage of the "double activation" they offer, since you would be missing a possible pass, so you should see this trait as a way to counteract this "loss" . In fact, the loss of this possible pass can even be seen as a disadvantage if you decide to make use of the Batsignal as an objetive, since you would be missing an alleged option of having the last activation. Like all Leader, he has Inspire (1SC) to encourage his Henchmen and give them an extra counter that can exceed his limits, but in characters as mobile as Batman it will be rare to see this beyond round 1 (mainly to boost MC) and specific situations of the game.

In short, this is a highly mobile Batman thanks to the combination of Movement 3 + Batclaw + Batcape.

Offensively "only" offers in melee his Attack 5+ Strength 3+ (2+ if Robin Boy Wonder is defeated) and Reinforced Gloves (to cause double but non-lethal damage that always entails the loss of an action counter ) With no option to repeat anything, so taking advantage of his high synergy with Robin (Boy Wonder) is almost an obligation if you want to increase the odds of success (either to hit or to stop a single attack cause the maximum of damage to a rival that is already starting to be someone important, like the Free Agent). For the distance has the light version of the Batarangs, the Batlings, with a lower range of range (20 cm) but several uses, such as causing damage more or less easy against weak enemies, or try to knock down enemies.

In Defensive tasks he does have passive mechanisms such as being visible at 20 cm instead of 30 (Stealth) which forces enemies with weapons (or traits) to have to approach dangerously to him, and for the melee the immunity to situations of Outnumbered that gives him his Martial Artist; in the first case, also has to add up to 3 options to be able to avoid remote attacks with 50% of success options (Dodge).

But the great attraction of this Batman is in its enormous synergy with Robin (Boy Wonder), raising its cost from 100/$0 to 165/$0, and is that in this way his Willpower yes is at the level of the best (8), Although the really dangerous of this is in the power to activate immediately after Dick Grayson, if it is close to him, and to finish the work that it has begun by him (The Dynamic Duo). On the contrary, if you decide to take Batman without the Wonder Boy, you have a cheap and tough Dark Knight, although with Willpower 7 and all the shortcomings that have long had the Batman: relying on a single roll to hit and hurt.

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.
Xermi & Josito.

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