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BMG: Analysis Mr. Freeze (Arkham Knight)

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After seeing his equipment list during two rulebooks and have known his lieutenants Killer Frost and Captain Cold, you can finally say that the band Mr. Freeze is here, and as was wait plays a lot with the effects that have to do with the cold: Cold, Cooled and Freeze. Starting from the own Victor Fries, it has a Leader of which can be considered cheap (80/$0), dangerous over short distances and, how could it be otherwise, with many mechanisms to slow down the opponent's advance.
As one would expect from a scientific reputed as was once Victor, and today still is but under the pseudonym Mr. Freeze, has the Scientific trait that allows him to increase his attribute Special to 4 but with the counterpart if he dies gives one more VP to the opponent to make a total amount of 7/4 VP.

In the Offensive section he has his Freeze Arm Weapon, which has the enormous advantage of being a weapon of template (Expansive) and therefore does not require rolls to hit and only depend on the one to hurt, which in its case is a 3+ for being Mechanic. It is a perfect weapon to deal with masses or enemies with high values ​​of Defense like the same Batman, although characters with traits like Dodge, Batarmour, protected with Bodyguard ... they still have option to avoid the impact. This fact of not having to carry out rolls to hit makes his attacks ensure at least   in his target due to Just a Scratch!, same damage as in the area farthest from the template (//), and if he damages, the Cold effect is also applied forcing the enemy to lose 1 MC. If in addition is successful to hurt and obtains the always circumstantial critic, it also applies the effect Freeze (or the habitual one , at the choice of the aggressor) that leaves Paralyzed to the affected until it manages to surpass an Endurance check at the beginning of its consequent activations , Which can be "lethal" for the typical Henchmen of Endurance 4, effect that lowers the Defense to -2 and leaves them blocked without being able to do anything while it lasts.

In the Defensive section, in addition to the 7 hits he can endure before being defeated, the rival must take into account his Light Armor that makes more difficult these rolls by applying a penalty of -1, which means that almost all the Henchmen of the game injure to him 6+ in melee. It is for this same reason that Anti-Tank weapons have almost 100% success hurting him since they repeat rolls to hurt failed, and today almost all of them (if not all) are also Firearm, which would end up being rolls to Injure 2+ repeating.

But this is not all, since his evolved armor also grants immunity to critics (Power Armow MKII), to which must be added the safety of having someone who is not affected by the loss of counters by accumulation of damage (Desensitized), which ensures that him always have at least the 5 counters he need to be able to shoot (2AC) and use his Ice Flash (3SC). Since his weapon is integrated in his robust armor, it can not be stolen in any way as the trait Safe Hands indicates. Finally, Mr Freeze's cold mind can not be disturbed, which means that he is immune for purposes of mind control (Self-Discipline) and makes him the worst enemy of characters such as Mad Hater or Poison Ivy, especially because with the Ice Flash denies them can avoid with Dodge the automatic impacts of his Freeze Arm Weapon, in addition with all the attacks coming after this.

On the other hand, if characters like Hawkman and Hawkgirl are completely immune to Fire, Freeze is the opposite since he is weak to this effect, which translates to  instead of  for each marker that damages him (Vulnerability to Fire). Do not forget that this band allows to equip a Henchmen with Med-pack, and being Freeze a character that does not stand out for its speed, can come well to keep it alive 2 more blows.

Finally, in Support/Control tasks Mr. Freeze offers quite a lot besides the always important Inspire (1SC) that all Leader obtain, which in his case is also compatible with the Ice Flash (3SC) since he can make use of up 4SC (Scientific). The aforementioned Ice Flash (3SC) allows to automatically anchored to the ground to any model to 20 cm or less within his line of vision, applying the aforementioned Paralyzed effect. That combined with some shooter of the band (or in melee, but for that it is necessary to reach him) can be lethal, ideal among other things to finish with the elusive Acrobat (rather characters with Dodge), or leave unutilized to a Bodyguard and thus to hit his protege. Even this can do a lot of damage Batman, even for leave him stuck on top of a building. This tool becomes High Security Henchman into a great ally for walking next to Mr. Freeze, mainly because in one of his weak points (impacting) in almost all the situation he will do it to 2+.

His Scheming/2 is one of those traits that it costs to see the potential on the paper, but then at table you miss not having more. Allows to plan in the end up to 2 miniatures once you know what has more or less in mind the rival, useful especially in characters that at a given moment can carry out several things and some depends on what the rival does.

In short, Mr Freeze is a Leader designed to be the first to activate thanks mainly to his Ice Flash (3SC), so that the team members take advantage of the effect Paralyzed that applies, reducing by -2 the Defense of the objective plus letting him do nothing, useful especially considering the range potential of this band. In this case, this Ice Flash can be used along with Inspire (1SC) since by being Scientific he can has up to 4SC, but in return gives 1VP more if he is eliminated (7/4 VP). His Scheming/2 makes the opponent can not know for sure what you have in mind to do with up to 2 models, allowing you to leave your planning to the end and be able to adapt them taking into account what goes through the head to the opponent, ideal for situations in which more than one task can be performed.

Offensively speaking he has the weapon of his arm (Freeze Arm Weapon) which in most cases guarantees at least one contusion thanks to Just a Scratch! since when dealing with an Expansive weapon the impacts are automatic, injuring 3+ in its case for being Mechanic, and removing 1MC from each rival when damaging due to the Cold effect. In addition, in the event of a critical injury, his target is also Paralyzed until he manages to overcome an Endurance check at the beginning of any of his subsequent activations (Freeze effect), ideal to leave practically unused low Endurance enemies.

In addition to his 7 points of Endurance, Mr. Freeze is immune to the critics he can receive thanks to his Power Armor MKII, armor that is also considered light (Light Armor) and therefore forces the opponent to apply a penalty of -1 to wound, although Anti-Tank weapons could easily end with him since against any type of Armor they repeat missed rolls to hurt. To this must be added the fact that he is not affected by the loss of counters due to the accumulation of damage (Desensitized), although the fire makes a dent in him since each marker that damages him will cause  him instead of the traditional one  (Vulnerability to Fire).

The fact that he does not lose action counters because he is Desensitized has a direct impact on your offensive side, since it ensures that you can always have the 5 counters necessary to use his Ice Flash (3SC) and Shoot (2AC), and if takes into account his immunity to effects of mental control (Self-Discipline), becomes the worst enemy of characters like Mad Hatter and Poison Ivy annulling them among other things the power to avoid shots.

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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