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Hi to everyone!

They said  that it is never late if the happiness is good ... here you have it, after a couple of weeks that I needed to disconnect from all that entailed the organization and celebration of this first Batmatch Albatoy in Albacete, I am back with the chronicle of the event.

"Saturday 26 November, 10.00 am, AlbaCity ... A cold autumn morning welcomed 26 players from different places in Spain. Everything was prepared to fight the cold, inside the Casa de la Cultura Jose Saramago, I placed all players inside , heating to the maximum without turn off and much, much tension, my deadly trap was prepared muahahaha!! "

Distributing the participants in the furnace of death!


As I said, there were a number of registrations more than acceptable with 26 players and bands quite different from each other. This is the list ordered according to the final classification of Batmatch where you can click on the name to see the different bands:

Diego Pardo (Joker)1582669
Jesús Sánchez Martínez (Green Arrow)1579325
José Gorrís Bernabeu (League of Shadows)1374473
Adrián Fuertes (Joker)1349308
Xermi (Mr. Freeze)1278158
Guillermo Bueno (Joker)1267482
José Luis Villanueva (Batman)1264134
Carlos del Río (Bane)125997
Lady Vengeance (Penguin)1161154
Erik De Osset (Scarecrow)1152274
Javier Robleño (Joker)1057161
Alejandro Belmar Vives (Batman)103040
Ramón Cifuentes García (Penguin)1029110
Javier Aroca León (Poison Ivy)963206
José Luis Simón Cerro (Joker)92949
Manuel Ángel Marín Yerga (Batman)880172
Israel Diaz González (Batman)87066
Rodolfo Belendez (Birds of Prey)86343
José Javier Peinado Cifuentes (Green Arrow)861298
Raúl Sandman (Batman)84180
Carlos Ayala (League of Shadows)730133
Javi Núñez (Scarecrow)727156
Roberto Rodríguez (League of Shadows)72645
Jonathan Pérez Melgar (Penguin)629159
Enrique Martínez Luz (Joker)529119
Joaquín Felipe González (Batman)21857

I was curious about the lack of Suicide Squad bands seeing the boom that has had the start box, it seems that there is still a little fear of some squad member end up losing their head for not achieving their goals, hehe. Also highlight the good role played by Xermi, premiering the band of Mr. Freeze who was just out of the freezer and of course, highlight the great tournament made by Diego Pardo and his band of Joker that step like a steamroller on top of their rivals, bending on reputation points to the second ranked casualties caused on their enemies. Very tight that yes the difference of points of victory with respect to our companion Jesus Harley and his band of Green Arrow.

Duel of Jokers, Diego and Guillermo fighting for the Batmatch champion.
Jesus was playing against Josito (Batman) to try to win the Batmatch, his Green Arrow stayed very close ...

As for the variety of bands I leave a graph showing how Batman and Joker are still the most popular bands, but in general there were bands of all kinds.

Number of villain bands in front of the numbers of Hero bands.

Distribution of bands by participants.
The other graph shows how the villains had a greater presence in the tournament and if we observe the final classification we see that they obtained better results. The bands of Batman obtained little remarkable results having to go until the 7° classified to find its better classification, whereas among the first seven classified there are 3 bands of the Joker.

Another issue to emphasize regarding the "meta game" is the open that is and that well played, almost any combination of miniatures allows you to form a competitive band without demanding you always play with the newest. Just see the lists of the first three bands to check for the absence of new models. From the players' comments during the tournament, if any of the new miniatures were to be highlighted above the rest, I would say that Deadshot of the Suicide Squad was the most dominating character in the tournament, leading the Joker band of Guillermo Bueno to play the final against the Joker band of Diego Pardo. No doubt his profile is very good and in an oversight can change the result of the game.

Deadshot (Movie) and his Bullet Time sowing chaos. 


Taking advantage of the recent departure of the new rules of Knight Models Batmatch it guided me to organize the event. The truth is that this document was necessary to create a clear competitive environment and served to make the event unfold without problems.

In this way I chose 2 usual scenarios in the tournaments of my zone, "Skirmish and Plunder" and I incorporated "Secure the Zone" to give variety of scenarios in each round.

The new scoring system also seemed quite solid and being 26 players only 3 rounds did not give us any problems of draws thanks to the difference of victory points and reputation points in casualties.

I have to thank also for the assistance of Gustavo and Sergio who came to represent Knight Models and were at all times helping us all and sharing ideas with the players, if we had any questions quickly we had the official response of Knight Models by hand, a great pleasure, hehe.


As I advanced in the list of bands of I Batmatch La Biblioteca de Alfred Albatoy the champion was Diego Pardo with Joker band who played the "final" where the winner would be decided against Guillermo Bueno who also wore Joker band.

Our guest stars for the awards ceremony.

Did someone say prizes??

Each participant also took an exclusive plate from his band.

I have to thank to all the collaborators for the huge amount of prizes contributed, thanks to that the 26 players left with their hands full and also the top 3 finishers received a trophy specially designed for the Albatoy.

From left to right, Jesus Harley (2nd with Green Arrow), Diego Pardo (1st with Joker) and Pepe GB (3rd with the League of Shadows). Congratulations to all three!

For my part nothing more to say, an experience on the one hand exhausting and on the other hand very gratifying to see so many people gathered with desire to enjoy a day playing the game. The tournament was played without any incident, all within a very friendly environment that allowed us to meet people from other cities in Spain.

Finally I want to thank everyone, the people who came from abroad to move here, La Biblioteca de Alfred Team, Marta from Albatoy, Raúl Sandman, Knight Models Staff, Javi Aroca for making such cool trophies, To the DC Superhero Girls who sweat as much as us or more, the PinyPon, Mamen and her camera, the Dungeon, the friend of Maria, Xermi who is my Sidekick of the WhatsApp and above all Jesus Harley who has Helped in everything I asked for and more. It is the typical thing that is said but without all of you it would not have been possible, thank you very much and I hope that next year we can repeat it again.

I say goodbye with my DC Super Heroes, until Albatoy 2017!
See you in Albatoy 2017!

PD1: You have a lot of photos of the Batmatch uploaded on the Facebook of La Biblioteca de Alfred and the Facebook of Batman Miniature Game España.

PD2: In case anyone asks ... No one died during the tournament in my deadly heat trap, I'll have to think about something else next year ...


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