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BMG: Analysis Snowy 1-3

Hi to everyone.
Once the new leader of this new band has been threshed, it is the turn of the Henchmen that accompany Victor in this new starter: the Snowy come directly from the DLC of Arkham Origins: Cold Cold Hearth, and that among the four make a Total of 150/$700.
Starting with Snowy 1, it is the best Henchmen armed compared to all existing. With 23/$300 it is the cheapest in the reputation (along with Snowy 2), which augurs a band with not many members besides hard to square up in $.

At first it could be said that it is the most harmful Snowy of the three, although his main weapon is not totally lethal. Despite having a poor Attack value 2, it is more than enough to be able to attack from a distance with his Freeze Laser in either version: Normal or Expanded Beam. In both cases the range is the same: 40 cm (Medium Range), and being Beam hurts 2+ without being penalized by the Bulletproof Vest in addition to hampering in a +2 the Blinks!, and can even get to annul them, although the negative part of these weapons is that they are not reloadable in the Ammo Crates. In addition, due to the Cold of his weapon, as a result of each successful attack (that gets to hurt) the opponent automatically loses 1 MC:
  • The operation of this one in the base mode is focused on the damage, being able to cause  in each of his 2 shots (ROF 2) as long as it does not move before, what to add the loss of a new counter for successful wound due to double damage (in addition to the aforementioned MC by Cold).
  • Operation in "Expanded Beam" mode is focused on the control, mainly by the Ice Template that is able to place with only impact in its objective, or to have collided due to Blink! This leaves a circle of 10 cm of diameter originated in its point of impact, that with only rubbing it the affected would have the rest of his movement impaired, besides having to carry out an agility check for not to be knocked down. It is also a weapon to deal minimally with the Speedsters since every sprinter who even touches this area will lose 1 Speed Force counter from his personal reserve. In this case, only 1 single shot (and ROF) is available per game capable of at least causing lethal damage ().
In Defensive, all of them are above the weak Henchmen of Defense 2 and Endurance 4, having in their case values 3 and 5 respectively, which at least ensures that they do not fall defeated of 2 attacks of double damage. In addition, as a characteristic touch all of them are equipped with Hockey Gear, which prevents the opponent can repeat rolls to hurt using Sharp weapons. This against the Henchmen thickness of the game can considerably increase their durability since they would not have the option to repeat their 5+ to hurt, although Heavy weapons like the Axes continue to do them the same "damage" that all.

In the case of this Snowy 1 with a considered range, perhaps the best improvement that can come to him is Scope (0-1/$300) to get the most out of the 40 cm of range of one of his two weapons (especially the more harmful) and not be limited by the distance when using it (Night Vision), as well as being able to ignore any Blink!. As in all Henchmen equipped with a range weapon, the Magazine (0-1/$200) is an improvement that will never go wrong if above all you take into account that his weapon can not be recharged, although with a base Ammo of 3+1 is not as mandatory as in most of the cases. As a good range shooter, a Grapple Gun (0-2/$150) may come in handy to keep him out of danger as well as look for good shooting positions (taking advantage of the fact that this band has the cheapest Grapple Gun of all). As always, any defensive improvement like Bulletproof Vest (0-2/$150) and Gas Mask (0-1/$150) is welcome, the case is knowing how to choose which Henchmen to put on all those who form the band, be it Snowies or Prisoners/Lunatics.

As an alternative to the Scope can be given a more focused approach to the control, equipping with a Cool Generator (0-1/$300) to further reduce the progress of rivals and even disable the Dodge of those more slippery, although for this it would have to wait his objetive is activated before.
The second of the Snowy (Snowy 2) has the same cost in reputation but is $100 more expensive (23/$400) because of his (Freezing Spray) that does not require rolls to hit and could be considered the younger sister of The Freeze Arm Weapon from his leader. To the aforementioned automatic impacts we must not forget that all the rolls to hurt to 3+ (Mechanic) failed, continue to apply at least
 due to Just a Scratch!, and in those that hurts, have a direct influence on the progress of their objetives by making them lose 1MC (Cold). In the case of wounding and obtaining a critic in the collateral damage die, the affected also suffers the Cooled effect, which would leave Paralyzed until the end of the round thus reducing his Defense by -2 and rendering it useless without doing anything to so. Unlike the previous Snowy, not being a Beam weapon it could be recharged using the Ammo Crates. This fact of having ROF 1 makes that it is a perfect candidate to move by the subsoil of the city and to give a scare at any given time leaving by a sewer, although it would invest his 4 counters of action for it.

Defensively stays the same as the rest of Snowy (except for 3): Defense 3, Endurance 5 and Hockey Gear to prevent the rival to repeat rolls to hurt failed with Sharp weapons.

The best equipment upgrades to come could be the Magazine (0-2/$ 200) to ensure one more round of shots, although given its short range and base 3 ammunition, either by not getting as much shooting or because he has fallen before, is an improvement that normally will not be the first to choose the band. Again, any defensive upgrade like Bulletproof Vest (0-2/$150) and Gas Mask (0-1/$150) can never go wrong, even the Cool Generator (0-1/$300) would be valid for him if you not want invest $ on other things.
The third and final of the Snowy that accompany Victor, Snowy 3, by only 1 point more reputation than the previous ones and without spending in $ (24/$0) is the one in charge of the tasks in melee as well appreciated by the Hockey Stick with which he is "armed" and with which he has a good command he can perform 1 extra stroke for each 2AC spent in the attack (Combo with Hockey Stick), which means that he would be able to perform Up to 4 hits, 6 if he has acquired any more AC for some external reason: Titan Dose, Inspire ... Although the damage of the Stick lacks lethality, being double () can already condition the opponent not to receive before giving him if he does not want to see how his action counters disappear, having also some margin of error repeating failed impacts (Handy), being able to carry them out through objectives, or rather, with a range of 3 cm. Thus, part of the offensive potential of this Snowy is based on ensuring the maximum possible impacts by taking advantage of his Combo With, to alleviate to some extent his difficulty by hurting (5+).

In Defensive is even a point above his brothers with Endurance value 6, and the characteristic Hockey Gear of all of them must be added the advantage that always gives a Reach weapon since it allows to attack without being so easily exposed to reprisals by part of the rival leaving him in an outnumbered situation. But not only in this is above his companions, but also in Attack with value 3 and in Willpower with value 5, which in someone focused on melee is always appreciated to be able to have more actions.

His Radio can be useful to finish the work that other colleagues have started, topping off rivals without giving them the option to act in between, allowing him to repeat checks of Let's Go failed, to which we must add the more than presumed zero cost of SC to try, since he is a strong candidate to go near the Leader (and his Inspire).

Given the need to go close to the Leader to unleash his full potential, Snowy 3 can be a good candidate to carry the Med-pack (0-1/$300) and extend the life of a partner and even Freeze himself. As in the previous cases, the defensive improvements of Bulletproof Vest (0-2/$150) and Gas Mask (0-1/$150) would not be over, especially the first, because is intended to reach the melee to untie his potential, even the Cool Generator (0-1/$300) can be a good improvement since he is someone who will surely be in the focus of the action, his good endurance, and having more action counters than his battle brothers.

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos,

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