martes, 23 de febrero de 2016

MUMG: 5 wishes

With the imminent release of MUMG, we can't avoid make our wish list of things we want to see in this new miniature game.

Special Combos: We have already seen that, in a way, there are especial combos like Fastball Special but things should not stay here. Combos like Thor making his especial hit with his hammer in Captain's shield, Kitty Pryde grabbing his teamates for wallking together through walls or Iceman making bridges to pass their colleagues. The members of the teams in the Marvel Universe must reflect these hours of training and the team spirit that makes them unique.

Indoor's rules: Being able to play interiors like the tunnels of Morlocks, the Stark Tower, a spaceship, the Baxter building ... Play in iconic places, with specific rules, where the most epic battles have occurred.

Rules for weather and day/night: This is not Gotham, the battles can be in downtown New York or in the depths of Savage Land or in the streets of Latveria and MUMG should not be limited to a single moment of the day (or night). The incursion of weather's table could lead to unexpected situations where the power of Iceman can be boosted by increased humidity due to rain or the powers of invisibility of Sue Storm are not as useful when she moves through the fog.

Interactive scenery: Throw objects is fine but, is not the same launch a dumpster or a car. Objects must have special rules as to whether they are metal why, if Magneto throws a metal object, he must do it more damage than a normal object or the cars can explode or the fire hydrants can be breakables to use the water  to lower defending a rival miniature or make some special combo with characters like Iceman.

Civil characters: Not only superheroes and supervillains exist in the Marvel Universe . Aunt May, Jarvis, Moira MacTaggart ... Like a special objects they could be used to give special bonuses to characters (or penalize them in exchange for victory points). If you free J.J. Jameson of the hands of Green Goblin you can win an extra point for every time you take the initiative or, if you still have not released him from his kidnapper, you can lost points or Carnage is powered from civil life recovering faster than by feeding on rivals (or teammates).

This is our wish list for MUMG. Apparently the desire of combos seems to be a reality, now we wait to see what new rules there are in the new game of miniature Marvel Universe Miniature Game.

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