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Top 10 Defensive Henchmen - Batman Miniature Game

Following the article we wrote some time ago, proposing ways to make compensated lists for Batman Miniature Game (in Spanish), today we see deeper the henchmen more advisable to defend critical objectives or positions.

To do this, a few months ago we launched a survey in the Facebook group of Arkham City Limits, wondering who you thought were the best defensive henchmen for Batman Miniature Game.

The result of the top 10 that you chose was the one that you can see in the heading photo

From La Biblioteca de Alfred we wanted to do our own analysis, as we did with the Top 10 melee henchmen, although this time without statistical analysis, which we may do in the future.

For this selection of miniatures we have had as criterion, not only the capacity of stamina of the miniature but also other skills useful in the defense of objectives, focusing on the more 'purely' defensive characters, which we would not choose for other functions, such as we commented on our post ways to make compensated lists.

And without more we leave you our proposal for the top 10 defensive henchmen:

1.- Xiao Loong (Tanto) - Court of Owls:
Although the Court of Owls henchmen are a separate case, with stats and his rank in hand, this character is one of the best objetive defenders of the game, for his defense 4, Martial Artist and Stealth and the Ability to repeat the rolls of block thanks to the trait Defensive that gives him his Tanto. Also with his endurance 6 can withstand a lot of damage.

2.- Swat Delta (Shield)-Batman/Green Arrow/Law Force:

This Swat is probably one of the most difficult mini to bring down by shots, by combining his Shield and Bullerproof Vest if we also equip him with the Street Patrol equipment, we will maximize the possibility of moving crouches without costing an additional counter, and doing so practically immune to shots.

But what really interesting of this personage is that being Undercover and being able to equip itself with Whistle, he has a huge defensive capacity, preventing that for example Catwoman or another personage can catch the loot and run away.

3.- Sargent Wislow (Tonfa) - Alternative Card - Law Force:
This character, whose card can only be obtained in tournaments, is often one of the most undervalued "alternative card", and yet he is probably the best defender to have Law Force, since it combines the Defensive Trait attached to his Bullet Proof Vest and his endurance 6.

In addition, he has other virtues, such as Detective and Order, the latter interesting to, among other things, re-position counters especially in friendly miniatures that have received stuns and thus improve the recovery roll.

4.-Agent 1 (Kama) - League of Shadows:
This character is in my opinion one of the most useful henchmen to defend objectives that has the League of Shadows, since she combines the traits Defensive, Sustained Defense and Martial Artist, reason why will make it very hard defending in melee, ideal for leave her near the objetives or blocking sewers. Of course, she will have to cover well because she is very vulnerable to shoots.

5.- Policewoman (Tonfa) - Batman/Law Force/Green Arrow: 
From the defensive point of view, she is "the little sister" of the Agent 1, because like she, also has the Defensive rule that contributes her tonfa, although she lacks the other two traits that has his "older sister". Like the previous one, she shares the same weakness against shots.

6.- Son of Batman 03 (Reinforeced Gloves) - Batman: 
This Son stands out in the defensive work for his defense 4 and great endurance (6), together with other interesting traits like Bluff and Counterattack, that will make our rivals think twice before attacking him.

7.- Tot (Shield)- Two Face: 
We have chosen this henchmen with shield, among others from other bands, to have a point more of endurance than the rest, although all of them are useful and interesting to defend objetives, because for very few points, allow a very versatile henchman against attacks to distance and melee, improving our rolls to block and give us a ping!, in addition to what we can have to be in coverage.


8.- Prisioner 05 (Automatic Gun y Smoke Grenades):
In opinion of the one who writes to you, this prisoner is one of the most interesting that they have taken up so far, by his versatility for the attack and especially the defense. The inclusion of this character is not so much for his stamina, that is rather mediocre pulling low, if not for the potential of his weapons.

His Smoke Grenades are actually a very interesting control element, since they can use us to slow down our rival by throwing them on a group of henchmen that were together, preventing them from being able to move with movement counters or running, which would delay their progress to the objectives considerably.

But the most interesting use is to protect the batsignal or loot, since it prevents the use of movement counters preventing it from turn on or that is caught, as the case these objectives, so only for that and, two uses, makes it worthwhile to include it.

In addition with his Automatic Gun we can place him about 18-20 cm from a target to be in range and thus make our opponent think twice before approaching.

9.- 404 (Bat) - Two Face: 
This character has no other defensive ability than his defense 4, but often four counters in our defensive value constitute an impassable wall for most attackers. As a complement we could also talk about his Gas Mask, which comes equipped as standard, and that will give a defensive plus to bands like Scarecrow or Poison Ivy.


10.- Pavilion A Subject:
You may be surprised to see this miniature in the top, but true that by only ten points, we will bring up four potential counters of defense for his willpower 4 and his trait Unpredictable, making him a very good defensive choice quality/price, without having to worry about leaving too many points behind protecting the objectives.

And so far our analysis and ranking of the toughest henchmen of BMG universe.

As you may have noticed, we have not included some characters like Strix, William Cobb, Little Spark or Lotus, and some other that surely escapes us, characters that are undoubtedly especially hard but for their most offensive role we have not included, but could be very optimum also to defend objectives.

We hope you liked it, and of course we are open to suggestions in order to improve our proposal, so we suggest you leave us in comments to whom you would have put yourself in the top.

Until next time.


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