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Painting step by step Joker Band SS Box


Well, once we warm up with the twins, here I bring one of the minis that I liked the most of the Joker band, GOAT HEAD. We will start with a black primer, I as always,  usually use a black of Game Color, which covers quite well and looks quite black.
Remember well diluted, better several layers diluted than a single and lose details.

Our next step will be to start giving shades of brown to the overcoat and the head, this brown carbon works quite well, and remember, always very diluted.

Then we will mix the same brown with a cold gray to apply the first cape in the head.


We will also use the same mixture to wear down the down parts of teh coat, as if it had been soiled and worn.

It is time for the metallic ones, with these shades that we have here in the photo we will begin of the tone of left to the right, to make the belt of ammunition, would be the shades darker first and then the clearest ones.

  Now we will begin to detail, first with a flesh tone, for the skin, I personally I really like to start with the cadianfleshtone GW.


We will begin to detail the head of our friend the goat, we will clarify the hair with the Pallid Wych Flesh of GW and once dry we will lighten a little more with a little white.
In the horns we will make lines with a medium gray, and we will clarify with a cold gray.
In the rifle we will make very smooth lines of dark blue lines and lighten the same blue with a little gray especially in the part of the end of the weapon.

We have almost finished it, It's time for the last details, especially in the head, with a pale pink for the part of nose and ears, also apply a little under the eyes to make a bag effect. The eye, as I like to do, first apply black to the eye basin, then a white dot and on this other smaller black, to make the pupil.  

I hope you get a similar look to this, it is a miniature that is not very complicated to paint, what more work can carry is the tone of the head of the goat.
We continue with more minis!!!

The Prisoner of the EYE

Turn for the prisoner who saw it come (Big Joke) for this prisoner I used a gray to primer it, because when going in orange colors, black extinguishes a lot of the miniature and the white illuminates it overly, for me the cold gray of game color is perfect .

With this Dead white illuminate the base layer of the eye and then a wash with the Bonewhite, so that it does not turn so pure white.

In the uniform we apply a well diluted base of Orange Fire, as I say always better to apply several layers well diluted than a thick and cover the details.

This is the aspect with the well diluted orange, we will do the same step until darken it a little more.

Next we will mix the fire orange with a pure red, to 50% of both.
We will apply a well diluted washing throughout the miniature, and with this we will start to gain volume.

Then we will do the opposite to clarify the wrinkles that stand out, we will mix the fire orange with a yellow to 50% of both. And we will apply it in the most outstanding areas of the suit.

We will continue to clarify some more wrinkles and details of the uniform, now we will mix the yellow used above with a Bone White at 50% and apply it only in very specific points such as wrinkles of the pants.

Now we will continue to mark the inner wrinkles by mixing a brown with a red one, and we will apply it very diluted inside the wrinkles, in the belt and the backpack of the leg.

With the black we will apply it to the rifle and the shoes, always remember well diluted.

It is time to start with the eye to give life and to begin we will do it for the pupil, to highlight it I used Magic Blue of Game Color.

We will clarify the magic blue with a little white at 20% white and draw lines towards the center of the eye, and then we will mix again at 50% white and make other lines thinner and clearer above the previous ones.

With pure black we will make the center of the eye totally black.

And with a pure White two small points one bigger in the middle of the blue and the black and another smaller in the blue.

With the Khorne Red  we will trace small veins from the back of the head to the middle, in the form of rays.

We only have to brush up the mini, like the rifle with small gray lines on the edges, and the boots to lighten them with a brown.

This will be the final aspect of the mini.

The Panda Bear is one of the most difficult and most colorful to paint.

We will start with a black primer, we will not stick the rifle and we will prime it and we will paint apart of the mini, remember the painting well diluted so as not to eat the texture of the hair.

Second step I gave a layer of this GW brown a very thin layer, later we will finish it.

We will mix the gray and this black to 70% of black and 30% of gray, we will give some brushstrokes only in some wrinkles of the suit, especially the bottom of the trousers.

As we can see here, we will gradually clarifying black with gray to make the hairs of the fabric more real.

We will also use the GW brown to highlight some parts of the hair's wrinkles from the costume and give a layer to the center of the suit and head, which we will continue clarifying.

The next step with the Bonewhite of Game Color will begin to clear the head of the panda and the center of the suit, well diluted not to lose details of the coat.

And then we will do hair texture adding pure white to Bonewhite, we will give small touches of brush strokes imitating hair.

We will paint the heart much easier if we do not put the rifle attached, we will give a first layer of scarlet red, and we will light it with a medium red, we will try not touch the letters to give them a layer of yellow.

It is the turn of one of the most important parts of this mini, the eyes, we will apply a first color with a blue sky very clear, and we will clarify it towards the center little by little more with white.

Now we will make a big black circle on the bottom, and we will put a whiter spot between black and blue, to give the pupil effect more realistic.

With the first brown that we used,will give details to the backpack, and we will finish paste the rifle that we will paint it apart from the way we painted the previous weapons of the previous cosplayers.

I hope you have something similar to this, it's a f*****g awesome mini.

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