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Report #002: Penguin vs. Two Face. Batman Miniature Game [ENG]

Hi there!
Today I will describe how I used the list I proposed spending only 100€.

Here the link.
Around half past seven in the morning, the cargo should arrive to the warehouse of the Iceberg. As usual as every month for more than five years.  
Mr. Cobblepot's workers should be there, at the entrance, to receive the stuff. Harvey Dent, former public prosecutor of Gotham, had not failed The Penguin since he left the Courts for the Business.
Upstairs, in the office, Oswald was dealing with two people with lot in common, trying to negociate conditions of future relations together. But it is difficult to find the balance when cats and penguins discuss...
At half past seven a truck crosses the entrance of the warehouse. A truck with not exactly the usual cargo.


My opponent, again, was Diego, whose stratospheric carree in Batman alouded him to win the first Spanish Batmatch. So lucky I was trying to beat him down...



The inside of the warehouse has a frozen floor full of containers with dangerous and ilegal stuff.

Scenario: Plunder

I decide to deploy the principal group around The Penguin (Inspire rule) and Royal Penguin (Follow me! rule). Trying to benefit from those rules, I placed the three blue penguins with them.
The rifle with the grapple gun was deployed on a container to control the group and the two cats on the right side in front of the loot.

Diego deploys his whole crew together except the two rifles and Deadshot that act alone.

Below you can see the deployment.

- I expect this call is important!
- Mr, Cobblepot? Sorry fror the interruption, but there's something wrong down here.
- I hear you... but pray if it 's not...
- It is important! I do not recognize Mr. Dent's people and I'm pretty sure they are not the workers that used to come.
Mr. Cobllepot breaths, waits and looks to his guests.
- Miss Kyle, Mr. Reese, if you follow me please... I must go downstairs to talk to my people. Someone not so clever from the staff is hiring monkeys...
You can see in the picture above both crews deployment and where we palced the objective markers.

Selina Kyle facing the loot that will give me 2 VPs per turn.

Oswald walks down the stairs when he realices that there, in the distance, there are more people than usual with more rifles than usual.
In the picture below you can see the advance of every model. Apart from that, I have marked with crosses in red Two-Face's objectives and in black mines. I have used dots to represent the movement of the models with grapple gun.

This turn was quite important for my plans. I should control both lotos to assure I would have 3 VPs each turn and touch the Titan marker to have 2 VPs and the extra ones from the misión. My crew was faster thanks to 'Inspire' and 'Follow me!' rules and Catwoman is acrobat with movement 4.

The Penguin: 9
Two-Face: 0

- Harvey!!! Stop this right now!!! Cats! I'll pay you double if you bring me Two-Face alive!!

Fateful turn.
After a perfect turn in which I was 9-0, Deadshot crosses under a container and uses his 'Bullet time' rule, killing my rifle and wounding Catman seriously.
Observing this from my position I decided to go back with my models, go underground with Catman and pray for having enough with 9-0 plus 3 extra VPs each turn. It was not a bad plan, bearing in mind that I could dispute one objective using the batclaw.
I have to mention that I could have killed Boomerang shooting with the rifle but he forgot the radio at home and I didn't activated him in time... I won't miss him so much...

The Penguin: 12
Two-Face: 7

- Everybody go back!!! - Cobllepot shuts. Fearing death leaves the rest of the crew behind and runs away expecting the cats will earn their money.
But unluckly, one of the cats is still underground liking his wounds and the other one succumbs to greed while forgets what signed some minutes ago...

If turn 2 was a disaster, turn 3 was not better. Two-Face crew controls Ammo and Titan markers and I only run with my models, taking into account that if I do not try to have more points I will lose the game.
Meanwhile Diego KOes the hero of the automatic gun and advances to my positions.
The Penguin: 15
Two-Face: 13


Catman, deathly wounded, finds the exit of the conducts. After slithering through ice and water achieves a sewer to escape from the hole realizing he is in the middle of the enemy lines.
Cobblepot, in a bravery act not seen before, decides to come back and negociate with Harvey the terms of a surrender.
Selina Kyle continues observing how two of the most important villains in Gotham destroy each other while she gets her benefit. 

There is not aereal picture from this turn cause it is not necessary. The main things to bear in mind are the following:
- The Penguin recives some shots from Deadshot and falls down KOed.
- Mottom arrives to Oswald's body and butchers it. 
- Catman leaves the sewers trying to control an objective and is killed by Boomerang and a Henchman.

- Blue Penguin dies...
Not much to do. Winning 9-0 in turn 1 and having 3 extra VPs each round turned to be completely destroyed...

The Penguin: 18
Two-Face: 30


- It is not necessary to follow the rest, the Iceberg is mine! - Shouts Two-Face while taking a mask and shows his real face. - Jervis and Cobblepot! Gotham is mine! - Joker says.
I roll the dice to see if the last three models I control decide to face their problems but luckly (for them and my honour) they decide to fly away. 
The Penguin: 18
Two-Face: 30 (my crew leaves the table)


- No matter who wins the fight, I have enough to eat a new day. - Catwoman says while escapes with her loot.

It is the second time I prepare a list and it is the second time Diego beats it.
Nowadays Diego is a great player who is improving everyday. He played better and had not mistakes.
I played in a defensive way and not so good. It is fair the result and I will learn from it.
I expect this list is useful for you and I would appreciate different ways of using it, ideas, alternatives and support...
What do you think about the list? The problema is me? Do I have to stop playing BMG?
And once again.... congratulations Diego.

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