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BMG Report: Batfamily Day [ENG]

Hi there!
Today I post the report of the Batfamily Day we had last 28th of December.
First of all, the idea: Spend a Christmas day with friends playing BMG with one of the most famous DC families.

Each player had to choose a Batfamily among all of the following to play in a multiplayer scenario.
- Bruce Wayne and Damien Wayne. [MANU]
- Flash and Kid Flash. [JAVI]
- Ra's Al Ghul, Nyssa Al Ghul and Talia Al Ghul. [PEPELUCHO]
- James, Brandon and Nathaniel O'Malley. [JOSITO]
- The Joker, Harvey Dent and Duela Dent. [DIEGO]
- Comedian and Silk Spectre II (Spoiler). [NEXO]
- Deathstroke and Ravager. [GABRI]
- James and Barbara Gordon. [LADY VENGEANCE]

- Sickle and Mr. Hammer. [JOSE]

Finally nobody played with William Cobb y Nightwing. Quite sad!
Here you have the scenario to downlad if you consider son:
Here you have some pictures from the modelling process of Santa. Diego (winner of the last important tournament in Spain and expert in preparing weird and thematic events) created it for the day.
 Finally, you have some pictures from the event.
The board ready to be played with the Christmas tree in the middle.
Santa giving presents too close to Wilson family.

Edward and Duela pacting how to kill the rest of the families.
Chirstmas friendly moment.
 Wilsons killing owls and opening presents.
Batffleck doubting why his face is not on the advertisement.

Opening a present!!!!

Last Christmas Barbara could go walking with James to see the tree.

Joker opening a present and seeing that inside there was a beautiful robot.

And the winner was.... Josito!!!! (the one with the black Christmas hat in the picture above). He did the most dirty action ever, using the sewers with Santa in the last turn and killing him. The staff had to decide if it was fair and, of course, it was!!!

I would like to remark that Gabri, my cousin that comes from a tiny Spanish island, was the second one!!!


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