lunes, 23 de enero de 2017

Tutorial urban bases modeling

Hi to everyone!

Today we bring you a small tutorial, from the hand of our friend ElChuchichu to decorate your urban bases; in this case for models of Marvel, but that would also suit perfectly for Batman Miniature Game.

The first thing is to prepare the putty well until it is well homogeneous, it is always advisable to leave it a little to soak before using it (especially if it has stayed a bit hard for the passage of time), it is also recommended that the modeling tool is always a bit damp. In my case I will use the typical modeling knife.

We make a cylinder with the putty and then we give it form of plate with a certain thickness, the thickness will depend on the type of pavement that we want to do, for this occasion I decided to give a greater volume to the habitual so that it can be appreciated better the process.

We press the putty against the base to adhere it well, special care must be taken with the edges to prevent it from rising during the painting and can be peeled later with the use. We wet the blade well and with the flat part we smooth the surface, then we remove the leftovers that leave by the edges.

When we have prepared the surface is time to shape with the blade, it is good to have waited a little time from the previous step so that the putty has taken a little consistency and do not deform too much with the modeling. With the blade we make deep grooves that cross from side to side of the base, it is important that they have depth so that the volume can be appreciated after painting, although this can be adjusted to according to the preference of each one. After the cuts it is possible that the pavers have been deformed in some points by the pressure when making the grooves, remove the surplus and round the pavers.

We paint the base of gray, then to give some details we include a little sand (preferably gray), I have used white glue as adhesive, it is advisable not to abuse the sand and remove the excess because if we can not cover the details of the pavement .

Once dry we give a bath of black ink to give depth to the stand, it is also advisable to give a second ink run in the grooves to be more highlighted. When the paint is dry we give some dry brush to the parts of sand to recover some form.

Now in some areas we give a small bath of brown/sepia ink to give a feeling of dirt and some variety to the base, mainly in corners or joints.

When is dry we give some gray lights on the stone and the cobblestones, in some cases covering a little the areas of brown/sepia ink so that it gives the sensation that this dirt takes a long time and already forms part of the urban landscape to be underneath of the most recent lights. And to finish we give some small details of green ink (or any other that we like) on the final surface, this will serve to represent some more recent dirt.

And here we have some previous models somewhat simpler but with the same process, perfectly serve to set the characters who usually act more in urban environments.

We hope you liked it, and you know, any comments, doubts or suggestions will be well received.

Regards and see you here.

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