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First impressions BMG Januray releases

Hello everybody.

Today is the day when first raleases of the year have been discovered. Maybe the most expected has been the new stater for the Court of Owls, which will let this crew not only playing to 350 reputation points, even they are having some variety for making lists, and with 2 possible Leaders.

The most remarkable thing is all the Henchmen are equipped with the same weapons: the Owl Knife and the already known Katar, carried by the Arkham Asylum Immate Mezz, which increases the close combat damage of this gang. Also, the 3 Henchmen are male members of 3 generations of the Malley family. That new Leader is the cheapest on the game, even cheaper than the other Owl Leader, Benjamin Orchard, although on this case he is armed with a ranged weapon.
Owls watch Gotham city under it, immerse under the city to discover their profiles
Keeping with the new line of products released last month about the animation series, on this case is time for Joker's girlfriend, Harley Quinn, who has her origin on that TV show. We can see again a low reputation profile, and on this case se has a new range at least for her: Free Agent. Unlike her "sisters", this version is mainly focused on support tasks thanks to her Follow Me!Distract and Disarray, in addition to the Stunn she applies if she damages with her gun.
Discover the profile of the original Harley Quinn here
The rest of releases are additions mainly for the gang of the Bat. Beginning for Cyborg, founder member of the Justice League (at least on the new universe) and one of the Teen Titans, he has enough status for leading a Batman crew due to his condition of Sidekick. He is not only a rock taking damage due tu his Endurance 9 and Light Armor, he also hits quite hard thanks to his huge arsenal: 2 ranged weapons (medium and short) and Reinforced Gloves combined with Strength 3+. He also has a high mobility because he can Fly. The most remarkable thing of Victor Stone is the presence of the Sonic trait, although on Daredevil card it was mention, until today we didn't know its effect, which is making the enemy to lose 1 SC if he is injured.

Other of the new things Cyborgs shows us is a new type of damage, the magic, which affects specially to the characters with the traits InvulnerableIncorporeal and Tough Skin, which opens new questions about the tow firsts.
Discover how this half-machine works having a look to his profile
But Cyborg is not the only release with the ability of flying, because other of the characters incoming this month has been Hawkgirl, which mainly detail is, as it happened last month with Katana, she can be affiliated on a Green Arrow crew. The most important from the point of view of the Emerald Archer is the incredible potential in close combat see adds to the gang, because although she only has Attack 3, the rival can even need 2 DC for blocking each hit due to her Unstoppable, also is not difficult to injury with her Strength 3+ and the double damage she deals.

If flying means freedom when moving, Kendra comes with the new trait Flying High which behaves like the sewers but without losing an entire round out of the board, although it can be used only once for game. The tip of the iceberg is who we will see on a future just reading who she has Teamwork with, who as it was expected is Hawkman.
Check the profile of Hawkgirl before she lefts fliying
And for ending we have Catman, an unknown for me but who has also knocked down the Dark Knight some time, which doesn't mean he can't collaborate with him, the only gangs he has aversion with are Law Forces, Joker and the new and unknown Lexcorp. So, it could be said Green Arrow has received two new releases this month.

In Attack and Defense he is at the level of the bests (BatmanDeathstroke y Ras Al Ghul). The rest of his traits makes him an enemy to be afraid in close combat, although "only" with Strength 4+. Thomas can be impossible to be taken down while he still remains some MC thanks to his Jump-up trait which allows him to immediately stand up. The other new aspect he comes with is he "locks" his enemies in close combat (Coward's Reward), because if they want to runaway from him they must pass an Agility roll or they will take a free blow, and then they can runaway. Also, as the cat he is he comes with the Climbing Claws for being able to move even on walls, the Superior Sense of Smell from Killer Croc for guide himself using his smell and ignore the Blind effect, and Tracking, known by Lady Shiva and Black Manta for moving even more at the end of the round.
Know this kitty character checking his profile
During these weeks we will analyze with more detail these new profiles which open new options, specially for the Court of Owls and Batman crews.

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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