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Analysis releases BMG January: Hawkgirl and Catman

Hello everybody.
Once the expected Owls has been reviewed, now is time for another two releases that, among other gangs, reinforce one again another of the gangs that need it most, Green Arrow, and especially in close combat: Hawkgirl and Catman.
The first one not only reinforces the already mentioned Green Arrow, she has also come to Gotham for helping the Dark Knight. The first thing that draws her attention is, as it was expected, her ability to Fly, but this trait goes even far because she can Flying High, which allows her to achieve any place of the board, although only once per game. It work more or less as the sewers but without having to spend an entire round out of the board and the target point can't be blocked.

On the offensive area, although she only has Attack 3, her hits can really hurt and not only for her Strength 3+ and the double damage of her Mace, she also has a +1 to impact (Weapon Master) and can repeat failed impacts (Handy), also se can force the enemy to use 2 DC for trying to block her impacts (Unstoppable). Another new thing can be seen with Kendra is a new kind of damage, the Magic, which allows to ignore the traits Invulnerable, Incorporeal and Thought Skin on her enemies, which again opens new questions about the two firsts. Regarding her Defense, although she "only" has a 4 value, the fact of being able to Hover force the enemy to impact on her in close combat to 6+, and she also can endure 7 hits before falling.

Finally, if 2 months ago some new clowns for Joker and a possible new incorporation por 2 Face gang, Sugar, were seen, just reading who Kendra has Teamwork with make us to expect Hawkman to appear in the next months, he also can make Kendra to hit until 5 times in a single attack. Summarizing, she doesn't hit much but she hits really hard.
The other Free Agent can't be categorized as a "good guy" or "evil guy", he hates gangs totally different between them such as Law Forces, Lexcorp and Joker. The first remarkable thing is that regarding Attack and Defense he is at the same level as Batman, Deathstroke and Ras Al Ghul, although on his case his Strength is "only" 4+. From the distance (medium range) he is armed with the feline version of the Batarangs, although he calls them the Catarangs, while for close combat he, as Kendra, has a +1 to impact although on his case for being Master Fighter, which combined with the Claws makes much easier to impact for then try to deal  with unarmed attacks, which turns him into a perfect candidate for grabbing enemies even more having into account that if they can get released from the grab, if they want to runaway from him they must succeed on an agility roll or they will receive a blow with damage  (Coward's Reward), until the date this is the closest concept to "lock" an enemy in close combat. All this in addition with his Superior Sense of Smell, as Killer Croc, lets him to be even lethal inside a smoke cloud and still keeping the protection given by it.

As additional details, he can be an enemy difficult to be taken down while he still has some MC available because he can immediately recover from that state (Jump-up). He also has that plus of mobility always given by the Climbing Claws, although he is not an Acrobat to be considered a high mobility character. Even at the end of the round he can move until 2D6 due to the Tracking trait that until today he shares with Lady Shiva and Black Manta. He can also be a perfect mate for the rest of his gang thanks to Order which allows him to relocate until 2 counters of a friendly character within line of sight just paying 1 SC.

After that there is only remaining the analysis of another powerful hero in the DC universe, Cyborg, and the 1st version of the Dr. Quinzel.

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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