jueves, 7 de enero de 2016

Christmas gift: 2016 Alternative profiles spoiler

Good evening citizens of Gotham, our mate Database has posted this entry in Spanish, I will just (try to) translate his words.

We have some special gifts for our followers.
What is this? So firstly we have Borj.

A new member for a Poison's Ivy gang with posibilites of making a lot of things (except manipulate and controlling objectives).

Our second gift is even more coloured...

Surprise, surprise!!! Frst of all thanks to Vicio (Los Paladines de Terra) for sending us the profile picture, what do you think about this new Batman?

They will be the two new alternative profiles for this 2016 season, and the can be found on the tournament kits from this year.

We hope you like it,
Best regards.

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