martes, 28 de febrero de 2017

First pages of the Arkham Knight expansion

Knight Models has left uswanting more with what seems the first two pages of the Arkham Knight expansion, where finally reveals relevant information on what will contain this new book.

As a great novelty, the new expansion will provide rules for making our own campaigns with conditioned scenarios and long-term goals, which will undoubtedly enrich the game enormously. 

It will also look like it will include multiplayer scenarios, though rules were already seen in the Suicide Squad book, it looks like this book will expand in some way. 

On the other hand, refers to that will provide new rules for competitive play, as an addition to the rules of Batmatch, as complements and new scenarios.

But one of the contributions that seem most interesting is the narrative campaign mode "the linked scenarios that you play tell a story, and victory or defeat can change the outcome of that story" depending on whether you win or lose the story can change and lead you to different scenarios, all based on the atmosphere of the video game, which can be brutal.

What seems to be confirmed, as it could not be otherwise, is that the bands of Batman and Scarecrow will be the protagonists, so we can imagine that will bring perhaps new equipment for these bands and new miniatures, such as can be seen next (Milita with baton and shield) and especially the new vehicles for Scarecrow, that already announced KM.

In the last paragraph you can read that it will continue to be necessary both the expansion of Green Arrow and the rulebook of Batman Miniature Game, among other things by the rules of vehicles, because it seems that you can play the campaign with the Batmobile and perhaps with the New Militia vehicles, but optionally.  

Finally, we leave this video to whet your appetite, where you can see the combat between Batmobile and the Militia Tanks:

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