miércoles, 22 de febrero de 2017

BMG & ZOMBICIDE: Biker gang custom character [ENG]

Today we bring you something very special, a mini created by the La Biblioteca team, a character recognized by many, a tough rider of a famous TV series. The miniature was created , modeled, sculpted and painted by a server,and we believe that the type of character fits perfectly in the dark world of gotham underworld, the profile is in charge of our collaborator Josito, and we wanted to represent a little his status of delinquent including him in crews type organized crime, two faces etc ... after all it is an outlaw.

Also for the first time we have included the Game ZOMBICIDE in our blog, since we think it is a perfect character to clean the streets of those infected, the card is based simple on the character of the first season box, the sheriff, since we do not want to be very unbalanced.

Comparison of size with the ZOMBICIDE scale.

 Comparison of size with the BMG scale.


And here we leave the profile for BMG that we have thought. If you think that it is unbalanced, or that you would put or remove something, you can put it in the comments.

It is our first miniature of our own, and we hope you are not very hard with the criticism hahaha.

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