viernes, 17 de febrero de 2017

Battricks #001 - Blue Penguin 2 (Automatic Gun)

Hi there!

Today I start a new section about little tricks I usually use in Batman Miniature Game.

Of course, I'm not an expert and I don't want to teach anybody, but maybe you find interesting the ideas and we can help each other.

This first case I propose is Blue Penguin with Automatic Gun, one of my favourite models. Although it is true that you can use every model with this kind of weapon in a similar way.
The stats Blue Penguin has, are the worst you can find. Except for rules such as Master Marksman or Ranged Master, almost every miniature in the game shoots in the same way. So, it is better to have a worse, but cheaper model, tan others in which you pay for more rules.
The trick I explain today is the following:
- Use Blue Penguin to defend. Deploy him in cover, having the possiblity to run to the right or to the left indistinctly all over your deployment area. Try to place Blue Penguin in the middle, next to people with 'Inspire' or 'Follow me!'.
- In the first turn use every extra counter you can achieve and run to the Ammo crate. You can defend the Titan marker, but we'll see the other objective is better.
- If you have enough time, crouch him behind the marker and shoot before they arrive. In Skirmish, for example, you'll have plenty of time to do so.
- Afterthat, place Blue Penguin 10-17 cm. away from the Ammo. His gun has Short Range (20 cm.) but the marker is 3 cm.
As you can see in the picture, Master of Ceremonies is arriving to control his objective. If you can, place Blue Penguin in cover.
- If you have measured properly, the enemy won't be able to achieve you the turn he/she arrives. Bearing in mind you are within 20 cm. of him, you will shoot. Try to find the way to have the last activation this turn, shoot and move to tuch the marker.

- The idea is to move Blue Penguin to a place in which you can not be pushed if the enemy doesn't move away from the marker, as you can see above.
- In case you don't have the last activation, use the two ammos your Automatic Gun has, forcing the enemy to decide wheter he stays having 3 VPs by touching the ammo and being shooted, or leaving the marker and try to catch you (2 VPs). Even models like Master of Ceremonies will suffer against this gun.
Finally, I have two usual situations to bear in mind:
- Place Blue Penguin with Automatic Gun behind the model with the shield. Remember not to put it behind, but a bit next to, cause you won't be able to shut (it is not an obstacule). By doing so, you'll have two 4+ Pings!.
- In case you want to defend another miniature (Oswald in this case), place them more than 5 cm. away from each other to assure you can shoot with both.
So, this is everything. I expect you enjoy this kind of post and I encourage you to discuss or propose new ideas.
See you!

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