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SMG: Analysis Spiderman, Punisher and Spider Robots

Hello everybody.
Continuing with the analysis done about Superior Spiderman starter, on this case is time to analyse the original Spiderman, the one played by Peter Parker. Although for this Spiderman there is a miniature since some time, until the formalization of the game it hasn't obtained a profile which is below his Superior version, but it makes his gang to be played totally different to the others because killing enemies doesn't grant the gang any VP due to With great power comes a great responsibility as the trait says.
As his Superior version, the most remarkable aspect is his mobility, because it also has the same set of traits so characteristics of the Spider Man as it can be Acrobat, Climbing Claws (both of them for being Arachnid, as well Reflexes and Super-Jump) and Batclaw, although on this case his Movement is 3, not 4. All this combined with the new trait Super-Jump (for 2MC+1SC, as part of his movement he may move straight up or down until 20 cm with no penalty and without affecting his movement) makes him a great character mobility terms. Also the combination of Agile + Reflexes makes him quite hard to suffer damage when falling.

Offensively talking is where this Spiderman is quite behind his hybrid version due to the only mechanisms he has for struggling are his 40 cm webs (at least they still apply the Enervating/1 effect on his target) and hist Strength 2+, but on this case he only has Attack 3 and no more trait making his hits dealing more damage than the unarmed attack contusion damage.

Ofensivamente hablando es quizás donde este Spiderman queda bastante atrás de su versión híbrida en personalidad ya que los únicos mecanismos de qué dispone para el combate son sus redes de 40 cm (que sí siguen aplicando el efecto Enervating/1 en su objetivo) y su Fuerza 2+, pero en este caso solo tiene Ataque 3 y ningún trait que haga que sus golpes causen más daño que la contusión por tratarse de ataques desarmados. El único mecanismo adicional del que dispone es Arrest, que es la única forma (a día de hoy) que su banda pueda ganar VP por "matar" si es él quien los lidera. El otro rasgo tan característico del Spiderman de Peter Parker es el trait Typical Parker's Luck, el cual le obliga a lanzar un dado siempre que use algún trait que haga uso de sus redes (para atacar a distancia y para usar su "Batclaw") o algún ataque con un arma, aunque sus golpes en el cuerpo cuerpo sean desarmados: si obtiene un 1 el ataque/trait falla y no es llevado a cabo.

On the defensive area, he has a 5 base value, and such as his other version just paying 2 SC (Arachnid Sense) he can increase in +1 this value if the atacker is not a Symbiote. He is also Scientific so he has until 4 SC and he can use this trait twice on the same round. He still is immune to steal effects on his weapon due to he has Safe Hands, and if that he could have his weapons stolen, in terms of background he couldn't use his "Batclaw".

As additional details, as it was expected que can join S.H.I.E.L.D. forces due to his affinity with it. We still don't know what Self-Discipline is.
One the reinforcements as a Free Agent for Spiderman and S.H.I.E.L.D. is the unstoppable Punisher, who is a mobile arsenal and quite hard to take him down. In power of fire que has enough ammo for being shooting during 5 rounds, even since the 1st one due to he has a full range weapon and another with medium range, the also can ignore one Ping! for being Shooter and being able to use his weapons in close combat range, with ROF 1, because he is a Dirty Fighter. But he is not worth only shooting, because being Master Fighter makes his unarmed attack much easier in close combat, but he only deals  for succeed hit.

On the defensive area, Frank Castle can be complicated to be taken down basically for the traits on his profile that make him become a rock. He can even advance trough open field to his rivals thanks to his protection against Firearms for his Bulletproof Vest and the high resistance to pain for his Sturdy condition. Even with only 2 counter available he can still be a pain shooting.

The most remarkable thing of The Punisher is he can "kill" the enemies he let them KO if random allows it thanks to Judgement, although watching his lethal arsenal is more possible to kill them by shoots than this way. It is true that it can work quite well with Peter Parker's Spiderman due to this is the only way Frank can obtain VP for "killing" enemies, so on this case his weapons should be used for weaken enemies from the distance and them KO them with his fists and Master Fighter. Lastly, he is Veteran so it can be useful for correcting planning mistakes or empower any aspect during his activation.
Lastly and as a "filler" Henchmen for this gang some little Spider Robots have arrived, and the also are wall climbers (Climbing Claws) and let to different configurations thanks to Multitask trait, allowing to choose any of that options when building the crew:
  • Explorer: Gains Undercover trait and +1 to Movement. It can be perfect if it is used together with their Lantern and Let's Go and the medium range weapons of the Spiderlings.
  • Hacker: Gains the trait Hacking (1SC): One per round can change until 2 counters from enemies within 20 cm (it doesn't have to be in line of sight) with any Bot, Robot or Cybernetic trait. Die to the low volume heigh of those models, the can be hidden behind any box or small scenography elements and disturb enemies with those characteristics.
  • Defensor: Gains the trait Force Field (1 SC): Choose and ally in contact base to base with the Spider Robot and he obtains a +4 Ping! until the end of the round. The interesting of this it is not only limited once per round, so it allow more than one mate to advance with that cover, activating first the Robot for ensuring them that Ping!.
Other of the new traits those mechanic spiders come with is EMP, which allow them to repeat failed damage rolls against enemies with the trait Cybernetic, Bot or Robot and against range Vehicle models. Although it is an amazing trait on them due to they have Strength 6+, the good point of that is that they "ignore" damage negative modifications due to a 6 is always a succeed. Hacker means their favourite enemies should be the "mechanized" ones.

Regarding the trait Bot, remember it offers some protection especially against ranged attacks because Firearm, Mechanics and Beam weapons damage them to 4+, they are also immune to some control effects like Enervating, Hypnotize, Poison and Scared. On the other hand they can't recover any damage, but with only Endurance 2 the normal thing is to kill them with just an attack.

Until here the known profiles for building a Spiderman crew. There are not many options, but for sure in the next months we will see some new releases for him.

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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