martes, 16 de mayo de 2017

Star Wars:Imperial Assault

Hi everyone,

From La Biblioteca de Alfred we are pleased to announce this new section that will deal with Star Wars: Imperial Assault game.

Imperial Assault is a board game inspired by the Star Wars universe, where countless strategic battles are recreated within the Galactic Civil War that takes place between the Imperial Army and the Rebel Alliance, embodying the miniatures of its most relevant characters .

Inside Imperial Assault there are two game modes:

- Skirmish: is the classic competitive or tournament mode in which 2 lists are faced on a mission. To win, you must annihilate the opponent and / or accomplish the specific objectives of the mission. Just pick a list and fight!

- Campaign: it is a multiplayer mode (of 2-5 players) in which different heroes of the Rebel Alliance will collaborate to overthrow the Empire during a series of missions that will be happening depending on what happened previously until arriving at the Great Final battle. It is a more relaxed and friendly way but very fun at the same time!

The duration of the game is another plus point in favor of this game, since in about 1 hour the game will be over.

Finally it should be noted that the playing surface is a board or rug with boxes which eliminates any possibility of conflict and facilitates the gameplay.

In future articles we will analyze previews, news and more about Star Wars: Imperial Assault, so stay tuned!

May the force be with you!!

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