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Painting Step By Step: Emperor Penguin, using ink

Hello again readers of La Biblioteca de Alfred, today we wanted a step by step of the Penguin with more style Hugh Hefner of the game, since this fight in the streets of Gotham with his dreesing gown in the purest Playboy style.

Apart from this, in this step by step I wanted to show you how to use in a reasonable way and with head the use of inks, and not submerging miniatures directly in the inks, or staining them with a brush as if it were the wall of your house ...

As a first step I decided on a light gray primer, I used this Stonewall Grey of Game Color. Is a very dark miniature but with this primer we will get lights more marked than printing the miniature in black.

We will continue painting the trousers with Charred Brown of Game color .

The next color will be the dressing gown, here I dared to mix several tones to make a blue tone off, I used the former brown mixed with dark blue, this of Model Air is very well diluted and I really like the tone that gets this blue.

With a Bonewhite we will paint the inner shirt and the hair.

And with the previous blue we will paint the skin, hands and feet.

With a Stonewall Grey wall we will paint the hair of the dressing gown and the cuffs of this.

I love very much this Silver of Model Air, because being so diluted is perfect for these chains and goes through the holes leaving you see all the details without covering others.

Now is the time for inks, I used the Agrax Earthshade of Citadel, for my I have to recognize that they are the best, you get a very matt effect that looks great in the miniatures, this will mix it with a drop of water or if we have Thiner. This is used for airbrushes but it is perfect for mixing and diluting colors, we will mix 70% of ink and 30% of thinner and apply on the brown part of the miniature and belt chains, and the part beige of the shirt .

In the next step we will do the same thing but this time we will mix the ink, with the dark blue of the previous steps, the one of the Model Air, to 70% ink and 30% blue and we will reduce it with water or diluent.

On the flap of the dressing gown we will add Nuln Oil, a black ink of Citadel, also lowered.

When it is dry, with the Stonewall Grey wall we will paint small brush strokes simulating the hair, and then with a white we will do the same especially in the areas of the chest that protrude more.

We will continue lighting tones, we will mix the Charrez Brown with a pinch of Bonewhite, and we will apply in the reliefs of the brown clothes like the pants and the part of above.

And with the dark blue of Model Air even if diluted we will lower it more to give a washing on the dressing gown, this will make that the dressing gown takes a blue tone. And will mark more the wrinkles.

We will mix the blue of Model Air with Magic Blue of Game Color, to mark more the wrinkles and we will begin the illumination of the face, the hands and feet. And in the next step we will continue to clarify with a little white to mark the details in the face, and we will end up painting the eyes and mouth.

We will use the Agrax ink again to mark the hair, the interiors of the eyes and the mouth, remember to reduce it.

We will clarify the chains with the Silver...

We already have the model finished and ready to make war in the streets of Gotham in the most confortable way, in dressing gown.
I hope this tutorial is at least useful to use in a rational way and not by dipping miniatures in inks or inks in miniatures.

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