jueves, 4 de mayo de 2017

[BMG] Painting the spam of mini-Robins

Hi to everyone.
After a lot of time thinking about to make these kinds of post or not, Darel, from El Sobaco de Batman, finished giving me a boost that I needed to encourage me to do it.

Far from being the detailed tutorials that other members, better painters than me, of the blog, publish, as they are Jesus and Fran, my idea is to make some more personal entries by limiting me to put photos of the final result and little else.

To inaugurate this section, I'll start with the latest models I painted in the wake of Suicide Squad campaign, that we should have started playing Darel and I weeks ago ... And even though I only have the idea here to use Dick Grayson, I thought that it was a good idea to paint the 3 Robin children taking advantage that practically all have the same color scheme.

In chronological order ... Dick Grayson the first:

Now the pigheaded, son of Bruce and Talia, Damian Wayne:

And finally, the only female Robin, Carrie Kelly, seconding the most veteran Batman of all. From this mini comment that the green glass of the glasses, I painted using the new paintings of Games Workshop to paint gemstones and bright (Waystone Green):

To finish, another family photo:

What do you think? What advice could you give me when taking the photos? (taking into account that my resources for this are minimal, using the camera of the mobile).

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred,
Xermi (translated by Josito)

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  1. ¡Thanks! I have to use them again. With this 2.0 version, they have been enhanced, specially Damian.

    Thank's for your comment :)