viernes, 12 de mayo de 2017

Klutva Miniatures: non-Berserk miniatures

Hello everybody.
Some months ago it came to my knowledge the existence of a miniature who wanted to be Guts from Berserk, for 10€ (via de Spanish Facebook group of Zombicide Black Plague), and recently Rigg, one of our friends of Turno Cu4tro podcast, remind me this again.

So this week I decided to contact with this Russian brand, Klutva Miniatures, for knowing how to purchase this jewel that every fan of the anime/manda and the miniatures world shouldn't ignore. What a surprise when they answered they also told me: "If you don't mind to wait, next week we will release this miniature, so you can save one order and its shipping costs". This miniature hasn't been Griffith, instead of him it has been Skull Knight.
But it doesn't end here, because the idea of this brand is to release also miniatures of: Zodd (in which form we don't know) and Berserk full armour will be released for sure, and the have also in mind the ones of Griffith and Casca, at least for now.
Gatsu (Guts) full armor
Right now it comes to my mind using them for proxies of a Band of the Hawk for Frostgrave.

What would you use these miniatures for? Do you recognise any other miniature of this brand?

Regards and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred,


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