lunes, 3 de abril de 2017

Last spoilers and realeses

Hi to everyone.

Throughout these last days (and weeks), Knight Models has shown us by its social networks what have us prepared for the near future.

Starting with the most recent, there is a new painting competition, whose bases are:
The model must be a 35mm DC Knight Models miniature, and can be either a single miniature or a complete crew/band. You must have painted the model yourself, and we will need a great picture to judge your skills.

You have since today until April 30th to get your entries in, so take your time and make sure your picture is great! Show us your entries in the comments of this post before the date announced.
And of course, a competition is not a competition without prices! We will pick the best in show and reward the painter with a bundle of Knight Models miniatures!
This also served as identification card of the miniature of Darkseid, who had been announced the previous day by means of a small teaser.
Following with the possible releases, also have been shown teasers about Organized Crime and the Court of Owls. Although it is true that Organized Crime already has some own things (Gangsters, Red Hood, Loeb and Penguin TV), to date there is no starter of the band, so we may be in the face of the first one headed by Carmine Falcone himself, as it could not be otherwise.
About The Court of Owls we have already 2 starters and 1 Free Agent (Gotham Butcher), so whatever reinforcements for this "closed" band is more than welcome, why dont think of a much-desired Sidekick?
About the campaign book that will begin to reach people in the next few days, it has been announced that the Batmobile that was already known will be playable with several profiles, called Skins, and not only by Batman, in fact has already been seen the Joker and Batman Modern Age versions (and if you look back you can remember one full of questions of Riddler)
In addition to all this, they have continued to publish articles of interest in it new website, about how to start with certain bands in both BMG and DCUMG.

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.
Xermi (translated by Josito)

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