domingo, 2 de abril de 2017

Alternative Data Sheets #004: BMG. Big Boss (Metal Gear Solid saga)

Today we will show you a great model whom we've been expecting to play with for a long time:

Big Boss, of the Metal Gear Solid saga.

We have been inspired by the videogames 'Portable Ops', 'Peace Walker' and 'Metal Gear Solid V', that's why we added the traits of Elite Boss: Special Forces, Technique and the CQC attack. He's the master of infiltration, for this reason the rest of his traits are meant to help him avoid enemies and get rid of them on certain critical moments; yes, also with the funny 'The Orange' box. Remember to use the famous non-lethal gun SOCOM-T to weaken your enemies, before you decrease their defenses with the Playboy magazine (Distract). Yes, this is the gun from Metal Gear Solid 2, but we wanted to use on this character :)

The most similar miniature we know is Snaker, The Last Soldier of the brand Tale of War; you can buy it here.

Also we give you a PDF where you can print directly the card with the standard size of Knight Models, containing a great surprise... 'The Orange' box to print and play!

Link to the PDF

Hope you enjoy this character as much as we do! ¡Hooray for Metal Gear Solid and the crazy Kojima!

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