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Comparing #002 - 25 REP Joker's models

Hi there!

Once again we compare smodels from BMG.

Due to the release of Chencho, we will try to check the differences among the four Joker Thugs who cost 25 REP.

First of all I must say that Mary has the same profile as Bobbie, so I will use only the male robot cause I already painted!

Here you have the four data sheets to know what I'm talking about.

As in the last time, we'll check every field determining who the best is in each of them.


First things first. In an objective game, moving is a characteristic to bear in mind when configuring a crew.

It is true that all of them have a great movement skills (even Sniggering,c ause he will always have a batclaw!!!), but altough August (Tireless) and Chencho (Adaptable) have useful traits, Bobbie has Fly.

Fly, nowadays, is one of the best movement traits with all the scenery people is preparing to represent Gotham....


In face to face combat, Chencho, from my point of view, is better than August. It is true that the axeman has an axe (really???) and can inflict six wounds, but Chencho can have Attack 4 with combo (six stuns). If you pretend to stop his attacks it is going to be more difficult than the three August can use.

Bobbie and Sniggering are not close combat fighters, so they can not participate in this section...


When shooting, Sniggering is the king of the field. He can control the deployment, the advance and the objectives. Rifles are so powerful and this kind of cheap guy with a great weapon are always on lists.

Bobbie has a gas that can inflict one blood. Not too much, but much better than poors August and Chencho that must face problems in contact.


When we speak about defending against enemies with hand weapons we must admit that none of them is designed for that purpose.

Chencho, with Adaptable and Endurance 6, must resist more than a turn. But if we said that he was spending Adaptable to have an extra marker in Attack, he is having DEF2.

August, on the other side, has always DEF3 (END4...) so he will stop the third of the attacks doing nothing. Besides that, he can use Trickster (most of the times) to defend before using the Axe.


Sniggering and Bobbie will be far away in egneral, but it is true that if the receive a bullet will they easily.

August has DEF3, but Chencho can have DEF3 as well and Street Guy, a rule to survive will moving.

It is because of this that Chencho wins in this case.


One of the reasons I usually use Sniggering is his Informer trait. This rule, in a game based on objetives, alouds you to have the last activation. Something really useful when switching off the Batsignal or pushing and enemy from an objective.

The rest of the members of the analysis do not have any trait for the rest of the crew.


In Control terms I had a dilemma.

Any of the three 'strikers' (Sniggering, Chencho and August) can control the board only by being placed in the correct place.

However, Bobbie can use Enervating/2 against a model and his Bomb can be used in case you are desperate.


Bearing in mind we are studying four minis with the same REP, it is only in the Funding cost where we can find differences.

Chencho and August don't cost dollars so I choose the last one cause Chencho had already two aspects in which he was better (hahaha).

Now we'll see advantages and disadvantages as a summary.


- Adatable is always useful.
- He can beat anyone with his bat and Combo.
- He can hide while advancing.

- He doesn't offer anything to the crew.
- He can only go to the fight.


- The Axe is one of the best weapons in BMG.
- Six bloods are really dangerous.
- Tireless permit him to move better and use markers to hit.

- He doesn't offer anything to the crew.
- He can only go to the fight.


- He can move quite good (only 100$!!)
- You can retire markers from an enemy.
- If you see he will die, explote him!

- His Endurance and Def2.
- Don't put him in a close combat fight.


- A rifle is a rifle.
- You will have the last activation.
- Willpower and Endurance are ok for a cheap henchman.

- Not good in combat.
- Is really expensive in dollars.

As you have seen, we have eight aspects to take into account and every model is better in two. From my point of view, it is a good idea to spend 100 REP hiring the four of them.

List from Hero Builder: 

Joker (Killing Joke)
100 REP
Harley Quinn AC
61 REP
42 REP

30 REP
Grapple Gun
25 REP
25 REP
25 REP
Clown Shield

25 REP
16 REP
Estrategy: Patrol  
1 point
Estrategy: Maps
Estrategy: Change of Plans

Idea: Send Slipknot and Bobbie to take the loots and distract. Apart from that, try to place some lamppost through a corridor in order to move your band and be defended by Sniggering. Joker, Harley Chencho, August and Punker will try to move as fast as posible to the objectives. The shield can be go with them or wait and defend behind.


I pretty think the four of them are playable. August and Sniggering where in almost my all lists. Chencho is new and he has a place from now. Bobbie, from the last games, has found a slot in my crews and I always take advance of him.

What do you think?

Which one is your favourite?

See you!

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