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SMG: Analysis Green Goblin, Knight Goblin and Goblin Minions 1-3

Hello everybody.
Continuing with the fast analysis about Spider-Man Miniature Game releases there was left Goblin Cult crew, composed until today by Norman Osborn's Green Goblin and the starter set with 3 pesky flying little goblins and Phil Ulrich's Gobling Knight.

Before analysing in detail each character, the characteristic trait for this gang is the capability of flying of all its members, which makes this crew to become a gang with a high mobility and without the limitations of the other top mobility element as the Batclaw is.

Beginning with Phil Ulrich, on the offensive area he is like almost all the members in the gang, his arsenal is based on the well-known Pumpkin Bombs, which despite of not dealing more damage than a single blood, at least for being "bomb" can be thrown to the ground at 3+ which is a good way to impact enemies with a high Defense value; also as it can be expected from every bomb it can affect to more than 1 model due to its Explosive area. In close combat that Goblin is also armed with a weapon that shouldn't be ignored, although it only causes  just for injuring it applies 2 fire markers on their enemies, it also has a 3 cm range due to its Reach attribute. As Azrael, when rolling collateral damages dice Phil can roll two of them and apply both effects due to his Devastating sword. All this combined with his Attack 5, +1 to impacts in close combat for being Weapon Master and damaging to 3+ makes Ulrich also dangerous in close combat, specially for the Fire he can deal, so his objective should still have at least 2 counters for not receiving a 3rd Fire marker at the end of the round and  at the beginning of his next activation. His attacks reach their maximum power when they are combined with his Lunatic Laugh (ALL the models within 10 cm lose a counter chosen by its owner), so he can ensure his target has not enough counters to extinguish his flames.

Regarding his defensive skills, in addition to his Defense 4 he only has de capability of rerolling Endurance (and Agility) rolls for the Goblin Serum.

Lastly, as a Goblin that he is, one if his characteristics traits is his bipolarity, although on his case is not as tragic as happened with Azrael due to he still will have 6 counters for planning.
Regarding the fliying goblins, all of them are also small, but the inconvenient of moving 8 cm for this trait is overlaped with their flying capability. Each one offers something different:
  • Goblin Minion: More ranged attack power again with the Pumpkin Bombs.
  • Goblin Minion 2: Support thanks to the Distract, although it is more focused for the close combat due to are some of the few attack rolls on this gang that need to impact against enemies Defense. His weapon does the same damage as the already mentioned Bombs.
  • Goblin Minion 3: The perfect Minion for dealing in close combat due to his Mace which allows to repeat failed impacts and damage on 4+.
And finally is the time for the first Goblin: Norman Osborn.
On the offensive area Norman is a flying arsenal with a huge variety of distance weapons, the only inconvenience he can have is all of them are Short Range, but at least all of them let him move and attack without losing ROF, because it has already ROF 1 or for being Throwing:
  • Gas Grenade: Mainly thought for supporting tasks due to the smoke curtain it creates, and the loss of an action counter all the models affected suffers for its Enervating/1. As the Pumpkin Bombs, it is not needed to choose and enemy to throw it, only a visible point.
  • Pumpkin Bomb: The most common of all. Perfect for damaging more than one target and all the commented advantages.
  • Goblin Blast: In terms of damage de best of the four. Although it must be thrown against the Defense of an enemy, against mechanic objectives (BotCyberneticRobot) it allows to re-roll failed damage rolls, that being to 3+ can guarantee almost all the impacts damage.
  • Razor Bats: The only weapon with ROF higher than 1 and still allows to move first and shoot later due to Throwing trait. They are the same as the Batlings from Batman Miniature Game.
In terms of mobility, the different thing on Norman is his condition of Adaptable, which allows him to increase his Movement to 4, and he also stay Hovering on the air, but this have more impact on defensive area. Offensively talking, this Green Goblin has a lot of danger on ranged attacks, while in close combat que can have until Atack 4 (again for Adaptable) and although having Strength 2+ and being Master Fighter he only causes  for each wound.

Defensively talking is where this Goblin can be hard to be taken down and not only for his Endurance 10 and value 4 of Defense, which can be increased to 5 once again for Adaptable. As it has been commented, Hover trait makes his enemies to impact him to 6+ ignoring any bonus they have, and although agains ranged attacks he can't have any Ping! if he is hovering, his capability of increasing his Defense to 5 is a good protecting measure. To all this his Kevlar Vest must be added, ignoring one damage from all the few (normally) impacts he will receive.

Regarding the rest of the traits, Norman has some of them focused on controlling the enemies as it can be the always painful Persuasive which can make the enemy to activate those models he wants to activate at the end, and others focused to support such as Mastermind and Strategist which will let his gang to have more options to begin the round and having an extra strategy point, respectively. Another remarkable trait is Arrogant which won't let to include on this gang nobody with the same or higher reputation value than Norman, and looking at his cost it is difficult to think in somebody higher, even more having in account the Leader ranks use to be the most expensive.. As it happens with Phil and as it can be expected from any Goblin, Norman Osborn is also Bipolar, which can allow him to have until 9 actions. Lastly, although Norman is Scientific, he doesn't have so much traits using SC, so maybe their main use will be recovering contusions.

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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