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Analysis releases BMG January: The Court of Owls

Hello everybody.
Beginning with the more detailed analysis of this month releases, as it couldn't be we will begin with one of the most expected releases in months: the Court of Owls. Finally they are playable in 350 reputation points games and with some variety on the lists, including 2 Leader options, although there is still missing a Sidekick.
Until today Benjamin Orchard, only Leader of the Court, was the cheapest Leader of the game costing only 40 reputation points. With this new High Court Member the honor is given to him with 3 less points (37). As Benjamin he has a poor Attack value, but on his case is enough for using his Gun, which avoids to expose him so close to the enemy. As Orchard, this new Leader is also a supporting member for his crew, and on his case he can make his Henchmen to deal even more damage thanks to his Distract, and he stills maintains some control on his enemies thanks to his Discourage and his Demoralize which makes all the visible enemy Henchmen to lose one counter (their owner decides which one). As Benjamin que still lets to plan some member of the gang for last, although on his case is a few better due to is Scheming/2 and not 1.

Regarding the Henchmen, they represent 3 male generations of the O'Malley family, and as characteristic trait all of them are equiped with the well known Owl Knife and the dangerous, and also known, Katar carried by Mezz, which adds quite damage in close combat having in account until today Strix was the main damage source of the Court. The youngest of them, the son, by himself can inflict quite damage combining his weapon with his Distract, and although he hasn't Defense 4 as all the other Owl Henchmen until today, his Martial Artist condition offers him some protection in close combat. With his Defense, his other inconvenience is his Attack 3, being 3 in both cases, although is must not being forgotten he is a Henchmen and can take benefit from his Leader's Inspire, "chain " activations using Let's Go and the team equipment.
The second member on the genealogical tree, the father, is who can take most profit of his weapon for being Brutal. He is also the only one with Attack and Defense 4, and comes with a new trait: Assassin/2, that grants him 2 extra VP if he is the one who kills the enemy boss (remember that the Boss will be a Sidekick if the gang has no Leader). For improving even more that condition of silence assassin, he comes  with the Stealth trait (although the other members can equip that trait) and running is cheaper for him due to he hasn't have to pay the MC for doing that action (Tireless), so he can use all his MC to increase the ran distance.
Finally the head of the family, the grandfather, that maybe for his advanced age has less Movement than his descendants: 2. Also his Attack and Defense are the same as the son of the family (one because the old age and the other for the few experience on life), although he remains the Martial Artist condition that seems skips a generation on the family. But as on the real life, the advanced age are not only disadvantages, because as experienced person on the life he has the trait Veteran which offers him some flexibility on his planification. Lastly he has something new until now for the Owls: James O'Malley is the first (and the only one until now) Bodyguard on the Court, which can maintain their Leader's alive some more time, having into account his Endurance 6.

Also all of them maintain the characteristic traits of the other Owls: weakness to cold and the possibility of repeating the failed KO recoveries. On the other side each lost Owl hurts even more because he grants 1 extra VP to the rival, that being Henchmen will be 3 VP.

Summarizing, whit this new Owls starter they add 151 more points to the gang, 114 if the leader is taken out of the equation. That added to the already existing 299 points (259 without Benjamin) allow to build lists with some more variety.

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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