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MUMG: Analysis Thor

Hello everybody.
With Thor we arrive to the fourth and last Avenger of the starter set. Until the date he is not only the most powerful among all of them in terms of Level, he is also the most powerful in all the game, as the asgardian God that he is. Regarding Power he also has the maximum value known until today with 8, at the same level as Gamora, although if he is on the top part of his Endurance bar that Power will be increased to 9, and it will be decreased to 6 if he is on the red area of it.
In terms of Mobility he offers the same values 4/7/14 (10/17.5/35 cm) than his mate Iron Man, and the Fly skill which grants him huge freedom of movement, being able to advance even vertically.

On the Defensive area, as Black Widow, he is hard to deal with using Physical attacks (17) and Energies (17); on the other hand, all what he has in strength he also has it in terms of being manipulated because with Mental Defense 14 this is maybe the easiest way to take him down, although using Supernatural (15) attacks can be also an easy way to achieve that. To al this it must be added the +1 he obtains against close combat attacks if the attacker doesn't have also the Fly skill, as well as the protection against falls for that same reason. Added to all this defense values it must be taken into account the immunity of the Thunder God, as its own name suggests, to the electric type attacks, although up to day it only protects him against others Thor and Black Widow's Widow's Bite.

Regarding his capability of taking damage, Thor can endure up to 18 hits before falling in combat, but he also suffers secondary effects when losing to much life because on the middle area his Attack is reduced to 6, while on the read area even more to 5 in addition to reduce also his Power to 6 and having -1 to all his defenses, although unlike Iron Man he keeps his Fly skill. It can be difficult to get him KO because with Stamina 12 he has 84% of chances of reamining stand up when doing rolls for that attribute.

Continuing with his defensive skills, his special power empowers him even more in that aspect because, once per round, he can activate it or react to an attack using his Hammer of Storms to increase in +2 his Defense against ranged attacks (only against attacks stated with the icon ) until the end of the round, that means in close combat he has +1 (if his rival can't fly as well), and against ranged attacks he can increase it in +2. So, having into account also the defensive improvements, against ranged attacks Thor can enhance his 4 defenses up to:
  • Physical Defense + Hammer of Storms + Defensive Improvement = 21
  • Energy Defense + Hammer of Storms + Defensive Improvement = 21
  • Supernatural Defense + Hammer of Storms = 17
  • Mental Defense + Hammer of Storms + Defensive Improvement = 18
On his Offensive facet, the son of Odín is at the same level as the rest of his team in Attack terms once again with 7 value, and at the same level as Iron Man as to destructive power. Also, except mental he has the other 3 natures of attacks:
  • Bring the Thunder! (5): With a range of 20'' (50 cm) this is the second attack with the most range behind Rocket Racoon's Photon Pistols. In addition to the 4 wounds it can inflict, if it is overloaded it can make the enemy to lose 2 POW counters (Stun/2), although as it use to happen success chances are lost when using alternative Overload and having into account this attack can be done only once and the damage it can inflict, maybe it is a better idea to ensure the hit rather tan using the alternative Overload.
  • For Midgard (4): Even having 6'' (15 cm) of range it is considered a close combat attack, so it would ignore the Hammer of Storms of others Thor. This attack lets him to inflict wounds 4 by 4 all the rounds due to it can be done once per round, and also force the enemy to take care of the edges due to the up to 8'' (20 cm ) Push it can apply can cause falls or collisions against other enemies, which makes this attack perfect for attacking enemies as big as possible so that collision will hurt as much as possible on the enemy he/she collides with. Again, as alternative Overload it can deal damage in an area of 2'' (5 cm) around the target, and each affected model with suffer also this Push effect.
  • For Asgard (3): Thor's common attack can't be considered cheap and it is limited to close combat. It only causes 2 damages and can't be overloaded, at least in addition to the damage it also applies the Push effect but on this case a fixed distance of 2'' (5 cm). Its particularity is that is the only Magic attack known until today, and with Rogue's Power Drain one of the two Supernatural existing also up to the date, which has the advantage of being the unique nature the enemy can't improve his defense.
On his case is also remarkable his Strength, even more than Iron Man's case, because with 5 value he can grab and throw objects with a size similar to trucks, buses or light aircraft, which means up to 5 damages when throwing stuff depending on the size of the object, and up to a distance of 10'' (25 cm). If the thrown is and enemy this can suffer 4 wounds only for a cost of 2 POW (3 POW if overloading it).

Summarizing, as Iron Man, Thor offers a combination of mobility and damage, but on his case he also can be hard to be taken down especially by ranged attacks due to his defensive enhancement with the combination of Defensive Improvements and Hammer of Storms,  although if he is on a close combat against non flying enemies he has a passive +1 to all his defenses in close combat. Also he doesn't only difficult enemies roll impacts, he also can endure up to 18 hits before getting incapacitated, and with such a high value of Stamina it will be difficult to let him KO.

On a single round he can deal tons of damage to a enemy with the combination of For Midgard (4 POW + 1 if overloaded) and a Grab and Throw special attack (2 POW + 1 if overloaded) with a potential damage of 3+4=7 wounds. It is true that on the gaming board Thor is one of those characters that most of times will be only able of doing a single attack, and this is mainly because his wide range of actions (move, defend, activate objectives...).

As almost all the characters, Thor reaches all his power when he is on the top area of his Endurance bar, letting him increase his Power up to 9.

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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