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MUMG: Analysis Black Widow

Hello everybody.
Today is turn for not only the cheapest characters inside the Avengers team, also among all the characters known until today: Natasha Romanova, more known as the Black Widow. The first impact of that cheap cost is reflected on her Power, it is also the cheapest of all the game (until today) with a cost of 6, being 5 when see is heavily wounded.
On the Mobile aspect she is a step over the most, having 1 more point on each one of the two tiers she can move, so instead the common 4/7 she has 5/8. Also, one of her main points remains on her freedom during the deployment, which in missions such us The Relic or Control the Energy Pillars can be a huge advantage, even more if Black Panther is also on the same team, because both of them can deploy whatever they want thanks to being Infiltrator; it means she can cause problems since round 1 by attacking or taking objectives.

On the Defensive area she can be an easy target against Supernatural (15) or Mental (15) attacks because her 15 Defense values are not at a high level, while her Physical (17) and Energy (17) Defenses can be considered on a good value to protect her, even more if she uses Defensive Improvements. If the rival succeeds impacting her, Natasha can't stand so much hits because she only has 9 Endurance points, at least on the middle of her Endurance bar she doesn't have any penalties (neither bonus) but she loses her +1 to Attack, and as soon as she reaches the red area of it her Power is also reduced in 1 point to let her with only 5. That's why Bodyguard characters such as the Captain America can be a great ally for her, although he should look for her on the battlefield if the surprise factor that her deployment offers doesn't want to be lost. Her Stamina value is at the same level as Iron Man with a 44% chances of remaining stand up when doing this kind of rolls, that means she should be kept on a good condition as much time as possible if it is not desired to loss her (probably) during quite rounds of the game. At least her Acrobat condition offers her a few more protection against Expansive or Spray attacks thanks to be able to repeat failed Agility rolls (with a 56% chances of succeed).

On the Offensive aspect she has 3 attacks although all of them deals only 1 damage, but the really interesting of them are the effects they can apply, some of them as alternative for the extra dice obtained when Overload is used. Being on a good condition she obtains +1 to her Attack making this attribute to be 7, that means that if she doesn't use the extra dice when overloading she has 67% chances of succeed against Defense 14, and downs to 44% if it is increased to 16, but Natasha has some mechanisms to lower defenses. Two of her attacks are Physical and the other Energies, which is perfect for empowering Iron Man:
  • Bullet Barrage (2): The attack with the longest range (12'') among the three she has. It can be the most harmful of all due to its Overload lets to add 1 extra damage to the attack, although in exchange of reducing the chances of success.
  • Widow's Bite (2): With half of range regarding the previous attack (6') the really interesting thing of this attack is its Overload because it can make the enemy to lose 2 POW counters. Its other use is empowering Iron Man due to the electrical damage it deals, in addition to be an Energy attack, and only in exchange of 1 damage (which can ven be 2, but only if a critical hit happens).
  • Mixed Technique (2): The needed attack for increasing the chances of success on all those attacks with an alternative Overload (or without using it for saving POW), although it exposes Natasha to enemy reprisals because its use is limited to close combat range. On this case the applied effect is part of the attack, and it is the reduction of the Physical and Energy defenses on the enemy. The really annoying thing of this attack is when repeating it because the effects can be applied more than once, so it is possible to reduce until 3 points the mentioned defenses, although if all the Power is used for attacking she has no possibilities of enhance her defenses.
Totally different to Iron Man, Natasha and her value 1 of Strength makes impossible for her to damage scenery elements of type T3 or higher, such as the trucks and buses.

Lastly in terms of support/control, with all the additional effect her attacks can deal, she is an Strategist which grants to her team and extra "passing on activation", that looking at the cost of the rest of Avengers it seems to be this team will have some "passing on activation" for the few characters on it. Also, sceneries where it is interesting to have the last activation (for example in Energy Pillars) it can give a good advantage, in addition with the free deployment of the Agent Romanova.

Summarizing, Black Widow is a character more focused in utility rather than destruction, first of all for her unpredictable deployment, which can grant VP from the round 1. When exchanging hits, Natasha is perfect for being the first striker for all the penalties she can apply on the enemy, in addition to be a perfect candidate for attacking her mate Iron Man with her Widow's Bite to empower him. On the other hand, although she offers good values for Physical and Energy defenses, she has very low endurance, so the addition of a Bodyguard on the team such as the Captain America, who takes care of her, is almost a must have if it is not desired to loss her quite fast. She reaches all her potential when she is on the high areal of her Endurance bar thanks to the +1 Attack she obtains.

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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