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Hi to everyone,

I had been waiting for a long time to show you the step by step of the last tabletop I designed for the last II Batmatch of La Biblioteca de Alfred in Albatoy 2017 (a spanish feria in Albacete) that between some things and others I couldn't wait to start writing the article that we are talking about.


As with previous tabletops I've designed for the Batman Miniature Game, the first thing I did was soak up Batman comics and above all play the Arkham City video game to find some ideas that would inspire me when designing the table. Finally I decided to make a kind of metropolitan station where the train tracks would fly over the table looking for more variety on stage. Playing with the volumes giving different heights and unevenness is something I have always liked when it comes to the design of my tablestops.


Once I finished the sketches and the design of what would become the tabletop, I had to see what materials I would use for its construction. To speed up the creation of the table I opted to use almost all the products of the Dark City series of Multiverse Gaming Terrain on the table because there is a wide variety of components and also have their range of "Versatiles Modular Boards" that allows you to achieve those different heights and volumes that I like to implement on my tables.

The only thing I missed among the products of Multiverse Gaming Terrain was mainly one of the key pieces of the table, a station or train stop as such, which led me to have to design it and build it entirely with a mixture of leftovers from its materials and others that I incorporated.

To start building what would become the foundations of the train station, the first thing I did was to transform 2 of its products from the Versatile range called foundation to obtain a pyramidal construction to ascend through some stairs placed on both sides of the construction. Finally I added a section of train tracks, a few railings and some seats at the top.

The next thing was to design the station's roof for which I built a structure out of the pieces of the Multiverse Gaming Terrain train tracks, wooden sticks and corrugated cardboard. This is undoubtedly the part that created the most headaches for me in the face of the construction but it was worth the final vaulted finish obtained.

Since all the other parts of the table are pre-designed Multiverse Gaming Terain products without any modifications, I'm going to avoid focusing on them and simply add a collection of small detail images that I incorporated into some parts.

This fenced area under the train tracks will surround a small car park as you will see below.

Pipes created with wooden sticks and green putty on the elbows.

Here I made a small warehouse in the back room with a gate, fence and a lot of boxes.

For the asphalt of "tiles", I like to use thin sandpaper to achieve a granular effect after painting.


Once the construction was finished, it was time for Jesus Harley, a friend and also a collaborator of La Biblioteca de Alfred, to pass the baton. As on previous occasions, he was in charge of doing a fantastic job in the painting of the table. In addition to the final pictures of the painting I put the alternative version without the train tracks I designed of the table for the Batmatch of the Batman Miniature Game.

And that's all folks! I hope you liked the article and that if you have any questions or queries you can leave your comments and I will be happy to answer them.

A greeting and finally thank Multiverse Gaming Terrain for all the material provided both for the celebration of the Batmatch and for the realization of the table.

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