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Painting Step by Step: Batman Rebirth


Hi everyone, after the summer break we came with a painting tutorial of a very good miniature both for the profile and the modeling, it is the new batman of rebirth of dc, it is a miniature that you can get a lot of game since it has the details and muscles very marked, so, let`s go.

First the primer. In this case I had no doubt to choose for the primer the darkest color, black! Always remember that the primer must be very diluted to not cover details.

In this tutorial I will make all the disollutions with this fantastic liquid, which is the airbrush thiner, not only good for the airbrush but also that the paints dilute them very well and causes the layers of colors to melt without others creating transitions much more mild.

For the next layer, either using an airbrush or brush, we will imagine that the light is projected from this point to highlight the light points of the steeper areas and mark the shadows in the areas more creased.

 I Mixed these two colors to 70% black with 30% gray.

As you can see the gray tone is very subtle ... but it will help us to see the volumes and mark them.

We will do this step several times by raising the pitch of gray in the mixture and only at higher points.

Next, we will take the gray without mixing it even with black or white, and very diluted mark more the areas more pronounced.
And then we will mix with 5% white to mark very determined areas ...

This must be more or less, our result, is already taking shape...

With a very dark red (I used this) and very very diluted with the thinner we will give a wash to the inner part of the layer.

With a very lively yellow and a fine precision brush we will give the lines that surround the logo of Batman and the new belt.

We will mix the yellow with white to 50% and we will paint in the highest points of the logo and the belt.

We will continue with the face. Here I used this meat color, cadian fleshtone, mixed with a drop of red, and later degrade it with the unmixed cadian, and finally, the cheekbones and chin, with cadian with a little white.

This should be the result...

Final step, the base; that this is for tastes according to the theme of our crew or the aspect that we want to give, I in this case gave a brush stroke with rust effect, simple, easy and simple .

The miniature is already finished, now it is your decision to paint it as the example of Knight Models or the tone a little bluer like the aspect of the Rebirth.

Like this example.

To get that tone I simply did a wash of this blue with the thinner in the parts of the cape, the gloves and boots, since to have it previously illuminated the miniature practically will be painted alone.

And this is the final result. I hope you have liked everyone. The following tutorials I hope to already have miniatures of the new range of Batman Miniature Game 2.0, which have a very very good look.

Thanks for comments and see you in La Biblioteca de Alfred.

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