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Our analysis of the Knight Models monthly releases for Marvel Universe Miniature Game

Following the announcement of the Suicide Squad Game Box, Knight Models surprise us again this time with more news for Marvel Universe Miniature Game, with a new villians starter, the Dark Avengers, extending the game with a new faction, and on another hand Doom(neutral Guardians/Avengers) and the Thing (Guardians/Avengers) that will reinforce finally Guardians of the Galaxy faction, and other factions, for dual membership of both, plus the neutral condition Doom.

We begin by analyzing the starter of this new faction, whose miniatures have stunned us once again, for its level design and the resemblance to the comics. It is noteworthy its  value, as it is the first starter that has 40 levels, instead of the usual 30 (only Sentry already has Level 16).

As a strong point of this starter its enormous mobility, since three of the members have the trait Fly and the only one that does not, Ares has the Pounce trait that will allow him to equalize the movility of his partners, so they can get its objectives enormously fast.

Another strong point is the hardness of this starter, with Ares as central axis thanks to his Bodyguard, Regeneration and good physical defense, Iron Patriot with Energy Shield or Ms. Marvel with her Intangible trait. But undoubtedly the trait Unstable of Sentry be the highlight, because if he dies, can resurrect and continue fighting once again.

Led by Iron Patriot (Norman Osborne), brings to this faction interesting strategic aspects, thanks to his Master Tactician and Strategist, although his other traits and their attacks, stand less. Like curiosity to mention his Special Power Hidden Goblin, which forces him to make willpower roll all rounds may lose power if he fails.

Ares and Sentry are the characters of melee to the starter with very good attack (also Ares is Master Fighter) and much damage, especially Sentry, which has devastating attacks. In addition Ares can increase the value of attack of all who are around them (allies and enemies), once per game.

Ms. Marvel provides support in the distance, lots of variety of attacks and with good reach.

As interesting aspect noted that Ares, by his neutral status, could also be hired by Avengers, so will be the most benefited as faction reinforcements are concerned, as you will see below.

As for Dr. Doom, their status as neutral for Guardians and Avengers, it allows him to strengthen today as three bands, which provides a lot of flexibility to the game. However, because of his high level could not be played with the Dark Avengers starter by adding 51 points (unless the tournament organizers permit), which is a shame.

That stands out of this character his Resistance 1 to energy attacks as well as other Skills like Fly and Phase Shift, which will give good mobility. With Strategist also it will provide a strategic factor to his faction, which always come in handy.

As for his attacks, highlighting his Mystical Blast, supernaturally, green and with good reach, one of the few of this kind that allows overload. Has other notable attacks that allows remove rival counters with Stun or do damage area with his Explosive/4, so that all will be a lethal character in the distance.

But perhaps the highlight of this character is his special ability Doom's Way, which adds a handycap the band to take him, preventing overload to his allies who are nearby, representing the darker side of this character. 

The Thing is a very interesting character and for a Level 7, very acceptable for all that which provide, allows, thanks to his two affiliations, beef up the factions of Guardians and Avengers, especially interesting for Guardians, who had very few reinforcements so far.

How could it be otherwise, this character stands out for his hardness, with physical defense 18 and Resistance to physical and fire damage, as well as having an ability to improve the defense of his allies during a round.

As for their attacks, being a melee character, also has very interesting template attacks that will condition the progress of the rival. He also has a melee attack which will lower the rival defense with Distract1, which, together with the Distract of Starlord, will combine very well with Gamora and Drax or other characters with attacks of physical type. 

Finally, celebrate the arrival on the scene of a new faction, in addition of villains, very interesting for his speed and endurance, but with very high levels, which will bring more variety to the game, one of the aspects that most needed.

We also liked the two new reinforcements, very versatile for its dual affiliation, very playable and with interesting rules, which will be a great support, especially for Guardians of the Galaxy, which until now was the faction with less game options. However, Avengers may include up to three of the six new models, so also will greatly benefit.
And to here our review of the novelties, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed doing it.

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred 

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