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BMG: Analysis Diablo

Hi to everyone.
A moment ago Knight Models has unveiled the profile and the model of one of the members of this film version of the Suicide Squad: Diablo, who is also a free agent for the villains, with a cost of rather low reputation, although more expensive $200 in the budget of the band. 
In the Offensive aspect it is where Chato Santana has huge potential, if his Regrets allow him because if successfully passes Willpower check, he cannot attack in any way during the round (neither using Flaming Wave). This means that characters with the trait Leadership must go near him if he doesn't want to look how him options are a drag on the band.

His 3 types of attacks (2 "weapons" and the Flaming Wave) all apply the Fire state, so if he focuses a rival who has already activated he can cause a lot of pain. In addition, his status as Dirty Fighter let's him to use ranged attacks in melee, and considering that his Flaming Hands already has ROF 1, the only one who would be penalized would be his Flaming Tattoos, but being Throwing can get away from their enemy and to attack with all their firing rate.

Looking with more detail his attacks, his Flamming Hands have the great advantage that being a template attack it is no mandatory to damage to apply the Fire effect, only impacting, which is automatic. For dealing damage he must trust in his Strength 4+ due to the weapon has no special trait modifying that roll. Due to the huge destructive power of the attack, it can only be used once per game.

His Flaming Tattoos are more a disturbance tool than a main attack, due to he has a -1 to impact rolls for being Imprecise and can only be used once time each two rounds (Reload), but without ammo limitation. Again, Chato must trust in his Strength for damaging, and on this case he has to do it for applying the Fire effect.

Lastly, the ranged attack done during his activation can be combined with his Flaming Wave (3SC), which in exchange of receiving , he can deal  to all the enemies damaging to 3+ surrounding him (Expansive template centered on him) in addition of applying them 1 additional Fire marker (which is also applied if the damage roll fails). That means that Diablo can apply up to 2 Fire markers to all the affected models, which can be translated in a minimum damage of 4 wounds (being able to be all of them lethal) at the end of the round if the enemy hasn't been able to remove fire markers during his/her activation.

To all this it must be added the Magic nature of his attacks (Flaming Wave included) because of being Supernatural, so enemies with the trait Invulnerable (Starfire), Incorporeal and Tough Skin (Killer Croc, Gotham Butcher, Swamp Thing) can't use them.

On the Defensive area, he can be an easy target against ranged attacks due to his Defense 3, but where he really highlights is in his immunity to mind control effects (as Hipnotice) thanks to his Self-Discipline, so he can be the worst enemy of Poison Ivy and Mad Hater. His Magic Tattoos grants him a plus of protection against enemies like him or Firefly because of being inmune to Fire, in addition it is also impossible to steal him his weapons (they are himself!).

Lastly, in terms of Support/Control, Chato can be a great ally for the medium-long range shooters of the team thanks to his Lantern (1SC), although in normal conditions it cannot be combined with his Flaming Tattoos (4SC), but it can be a good alternative for those rounds where he doesn't want to attack because of his Regrets.

On the case of Diablo, his Criminal condition is more a handicap than a help because when enhancing his Willpower, the changes of not attacking because of his Regrets are also increased.

Summarising, if his Regrets allow him, Diablo can combine his ranged attacks using his Flaming Hands in close combat due to being Dirty Fighter, or his Flaming Tattoos moving before thanks to be Throwing, with his Flaming Wave (3SC) for being able to deal at least 2 wounds and 2 Fire markers, which can be translated into 2 more . To all this it must be added that the Magic of his attacks can affect enemies as hard as Starfire (Invulnerable) or Killer Croc (Tough Skin), in addition with all the Incorporeal appearing in the game.

Although defensively he doesn't highlights, his Self-Discipline makes him somebody perfect por facing enemies with hypnotising skills.

But if he doesn't want to be a useless character moving around the battlefield, Diablo should be with a Leadership close to him for being able to repeat Willpower rolls, because if the succeed on them he wouldn't be able to attack due to his Regrets, and his Criminal condition is a handicap on him. It could be said that at least on those rounds that he can't attack, using his Lantern he can support his shooter mates. Talking with numbers, that means that he has a 58.33% of attacking, decreasing to 41.67% when Criminal is triggered.

Un saludo y nos leemos por La Biblioteca de Alfred y Reino de Juegos.

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  1. Unfortunately, Leadership works only for failed Willpower rolls. You can't reroll a successful Willpower test.

  2. Than you for the notice Bawon, u are totally right. That turns him into a "fifty-fifty" character, funny to be played but for sure that people in tournaments don't like that.

    Sorry for the confusion

  3. Actually it's more a "60/40" character (60% chance of failing the Willpower test) :-D.
    Still unreliable, though.

    My main issue is that Regrets takes effect during activation so actions counters spent in Attack are lost and it's hard to establish a tactic when your shooter may not show up at a critical moment. I would have much prefered that Regrets takes effect at the begining of the round like Bipolar. At least that way you would know what you can or can't do with the guy while you assign his action counters.