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BMG Unofficial Profiles: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Today we released the Unofficial Profiles section in La Biblioteca de Alfred, and who better to release it with the mythical Ninja Turtles series that in my case marked my childhood and I'm sure many of you also. 

As a brief presentation and although are well known, the Ninja Turtles are comic characters created in the 80s who got their greatest fame and popularity with the animated series that aired in the 90s. Their adventures narrated the story of four teenage brothers, turtles, which by fate ended up becoming mutant ninja turtles, yes and ninjas !, as if being mutant was not enough!

Cover last comic where Batman meets TMNT.

Somebody will say "what do these here!?", As if you did not know, much. They have not been few times Batman and Ninja Turtles have had cameos each other, mainly in comics and just Batman in the coming months will be present in the current animated series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It will be for its dark touch of heroes who act in the shadows or the background of living in a city terrified by the crime, but the point is that saving her perhaps more childish tone, especially as far as the animated series refers the case is that the Ninja Turtles are in perfect harmony into the atmosphere of Gotham and the Dark Knight.

Once the presentations made we will see Unofficial profiles of each of them and how I designed under the new rules of Teams expansion of The Flash and The Arrow.


As I said I preferred to design their profiles under the new rules of Teams expansion, thus playing with the 4 members Team tallied 350 points one in which Leonardo always have the obligation to be the Boss if you recruit him. I have not delved too much on it as I wanted to give priority to create a Team with the 4 protagonists but this could be a recruitment table for the Ninja Turtles:


All members of Team TMNT, can capture a character KO with whom they are in contact spending 1MC + 1SC. A character captured remains KO until the end of the game and can not make recovery rolls. Another character can release a captured character with which it is in contact spending 1MC + 1SC. If at the end of the last round of play a character caught is not released, then this character will be removed as a casualty.

As you can see the skill is practically equal to the Arrest of police but for background it did not seem logical that they could arrest since they are not directly Forces of Law.


Then you have 2 unique strategies for TMNT. The idea was in the case of the Sewer Habitants strategy apart from that profile are Lords of Sewers, was somehow represented the rapid displacement made by Ninja Turtles trough the sewerage.

As for the Pizza Time ! strategy, not much to say, they would not be without their slices of pizza before heading out to kick ass.


Before deployment, choose up to 2 characters with the trait TMNT and assigns each 1 slice of pizza (Titan Dose). Besides the Pizzas objective (Titan objective), it has a value of 3 points instead of 2.


Characters with the trait TMNT can leave a sewer the next turn had entered it.


* The Team Boss provides VPs as if he were a Leader.

* Other characters provide 4 VPs for casualty and 3 by KO.


For not fill the profiles with too many different traits, I have created the trait TMNT, this trait groups the traits that I believe best define the characteristics of the Ninja Turtles: Acrobat, Amphibious, Lord of the Sewers, Turtle Shell (Tough Skin) and finally teamwork 1 / TMNT, the latter trait essential to convey the feeling when the Ninja Turtles team struggle together. The trait TMNT is exclusive for the 4 Ninja Turtles in the Team, for example a possible future profile for Splinter would make no sense to have it.


We started by Boss Team. This is by far the most powerful character of the 4. We have a character of Willpower 8 normal in most of Leaders. I created a similar character in cost and features to Batman DKR with one point less in defense and Endurance, being less resistant but thanks to trait
Turtle Shell (Tough Skin), makes it a little harder to get the roll to hurt him.

As for the movement, like the rest of Tortugas it is Acrobat and possesses the trait Grappling
Hook (Batclaw), allowing him to move freely on the pitch.

In terms of combat we have a character able to make 6 attacks using Combo with Katana and STR 3+ and you would think, "but we crazy or what!?" hehe. To prevent Leonardo and his combo with Katana becomes him a deadly mincer, I created the trait Non-Lethal weapons. As can be seen in this trait prevents both bloods as to reroll by the sharp trait. In this way we also respect the moral
background of the Ninja Turtles which left KO his enemies avoiding bloodshed.

Under his leader rank of team, Leonardo has the trait Order, can spend 1SC for an ally miniature in his line of sight can reposition 2 counter.

Finally, trait Honorable wich prevents the character attack other characters KO.


The second character with the highest Willpower with a value of 7. This is a character mainly supportive as not particularly outstanding in either attack or defense.

The idea is to use it with his gadgets to stop the enemy advance. The famous zeppelin of the animated series, the Turtle Blimp, can be requested by remote control once per game releasing a stun bomb on enemies, it is also the only with explosive stunners shurikens.

The traits Hacker and Scientific though not especially critical characteristic also provides that scientific touch of Donatello.

In melee the character can benefit from special attack 360 and trait reach but do only damage concussion is not a character to carry only the battle, it is best to have him around to do Teamwork with while uses his inventions.

Finally, Donnie strategic skills provide the trait Master Mind that adds an additional counter to the bag to take the lead, partly mitigating the disadvantage that has the Team for its small number of models, with more likely to start each round first.


We continue with Raph, Willpower 6 and the only member with a negative trait. Raph has always been the proudest and conflicted character with other members of the Ninja Turtles, crashing on most occasions with Leonardo, so I have assigned the Prideful trait that can cause you to lose trait Teamwork at the beginning of the game .

As for his combat skills have a character with 4 attacks that could become even 5 with teamwork if you have not lost at the beginning of the game and a value of the highest force 2+, while Sai only make one contusion due to trait Non-lethal weapons. Raph is represented as the Ninja Turtle with more strength and endurance of between 4 so he has the traits Charge traits and Sturdy, who with his endurance 8 and the trait Turtle Shell (Tough Skin), make it extremely resistant.


And finally Mikey, Willpower 6 and pizza much pizza. If there was between all turtles one more addiction had for the pizzas that was Mikey, why I have assigned the traits Pizza Adict and Pizza Portion in the game function identically like Titan Addict and Titan Dose, you must represent the objective Titan with pizza boxes!

As for his movement Mickey has the trait fast thanks to his skateboard joined the trait acrobat and batclaw make him the fastest member of the Team.

It is also characteristic of him distract their enemies talking, making jokes and other crazy so I have assigned the trait Distract to lower the enemy defense.

Already in combat Mikey has combo with Nunchakus which thanks to Overwhelming difficulty to stop the attacks by the enemy.

It is an ideal character for quick control your objectives, but most likely be end goal of controlling the pizzas objective (objective titan).


Well that's all for today, with these 4 profiles would have the full team of 4 Ninja Turtles. I encourage you to test these profiles and write below your experience, for my part I could use any existing table values to create profiles so I pulled mainly background and try to make them as balanced as possible regarding characters BMG similar cost, it would be interesting to you encourage to complete the Team with profiles of other TMNT characters if you do not design us before, who knows!

I hope you enjoyed the entry and you may try , I do not know if they will really balanced, but I assure you they are very fun to play! 

Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go!

Thanks to Josito for the translation.

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