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Report DC/Marvel Universe Miniature Game Tournament 18 December, Quimera Madrid

On Sunday, December 18, we saw the faces in the DC/Marvel Universe Miniature Game tournament that was played in Quimera, Madrid, a great event to highlight the good atmosphere and high level of play throughout the tournament.

We played the three usual scenarios, The Relic, Control the Energy Pillars and Survival and the games lasted 1 hour and 30 min. We left the bases of the tournament and his photo album:

La imagen puede contener: 6 personas, personas sonriendo, interior

(Click on the name to see the list in Hero Builder)

  1. Arturo - Guardians of the Galaxy
  2. Candel - Avengers
  3. Lady V. - DC Villains
  4. Humberto - Avengers
  5. Adri - Avengers
  6. Diego - Xmen
  7. Lorka - Xmen
  8. Pepe - Guardians of the Galaxy

The absolute champion of the tournament was Arturo, with his band of Guardians, who carried great well, I repeat the words of Candel "You see how good are The Guardians Arturo", winning all three games and with a remarkable match-by-match score.

La imagen puede contener: 2 personas, interior

The second place went to Candel, who could not revalidate his position of champion after the victory in the last tournament, but remaining in a more that respectable second position, with his Avengers.

La imagen puede contener: una persona, interior

The third place was for our friend Lady V. , a very remarkable post being that he had hardly played a couple of games of DC/MUMG and also with the DC Villains band, a very interesting list on the other hand.

La imagen puede contener: 2 personas

Between the participants 100% + 10% courtesy of Quimera of the collection in store vouchers was distributed, in the absence of tournament kits for DC/MUMG, which we expect KM to release next season.

Metagame Analysis
As an analysis of what was seen in the tournament comment that, although we were only 8 participants, there were relative variety of bands, although missing bands like Brotherhood of Evil Mutants or Dark Avengers, being allowed to play at 51 levels .

Nor was there any band of Justice League, despite being one of the most competitive right now by Trinity and the huge variety of profiles that have at their disposal, although we could see a band of DC Villains, who was carry our friend and Contributor Lady V.

On the other hand, to highlight that the band more frequent was Avengers, with up to three lists in the tournament, the most frequent band in almost all the tournaments that we have played lately, and that agrees with the band with more profiles available until the moment.

However, with the entrance of the Justice League, we hope that this will change, since Avengers will have a tough opponent.

We also hope to see new reinforcements soon for the bands that stood out for their absence, Brotherhood and Dark Avengers, bands with a lot of potential, that when they receive the timely incorporations they wll put things very difficult.

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To finish, we leave the link to the chronicle written by our friend Candel, who also participated in the tournament, where he tells us how his games were.

And so far our chronicle of the event, thank you very much for having participated in the tournament and I waiting for you in the next.


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