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Releases July KM

Hi everyone.

Just 2 weeks after the last release of novelties, we have here the ones of this month of July, all mainly focused on Batman Miniature Game, although many of them belong to Multiverse and therefore include profiles also for DC Universe Miniature Game.
Meet the new bat-tricks of this new version of the Dark Knight looking at his profile
Starting with the character who gives the name to this game, Batman (150/$0), has the umpteenth version of he and is a new line of miniatures, those of the comic book series Rebirth. As far as his BMG profile is concerned he has a new Dark Knight of 150 reputation points but with a different approach to his Arkham Knight version, while the latter offers a profile very thought to deal with the most dexterous rivals (Master Fighter, Batarangs, Martial Expert), this one offers another game style with something more of control (Informer, Self Discipline, The World's Greatest Detective). His World's Greatest Detective will allow him to choose a rival model and that this has to be the first miniature to activate of his crew, ideal against Henchmen, which combined with his own Informer to cancel 1 rival pass, makes him a suitable character to focus the gameplay in the Batsignal: while a quick companion (Damian Wayne, Batgirl ...) turns it on, he can move around the rest of the table forcing (rather trying) to activate the first to the rival who is keeping the focus . Even though he does not have a +1 to base to hit, his Sneak Attack + Master of the Stealth will allow him to win that bonus in the round he stealthily attack, in addition to making it harder to spot than the Stealth (visible at 15 cm or less). The other strong point to highlight is his value 9 of Willpower, something new to date in "normal" profiles (until now only had Wonder Woman). As far as mobility and endurance are concerned, just like his siblings have all of Wayne Tech's technology.

In DCUMG he provides mobility especially thanks to his Batclaw, which can use all the rounds, and his option of free deployment (Infiltrator), and although his Dark Knight will also allow him to gain a few inches, is more a defensive tool. As a support member he also has things to offer: his Tactician Master added to his more than worthy value of Willpower will allow to activate 2 consecutive miniatures; while with his Most Dangerous Man on the Earth is able to deplete some of the defenses of the rival or make it even vulnerable to damage, suitable for his companions to deal with gods like Superman or Darkseid. His good values of defense (except for Supernatural) in addition to his Batarmour make him a character also resilient, although offensively is where less has to contribute.

Discover the Maroni family and what they are able to do, consulting their profiles
For approximately the same cost in reputation (not in $) as this Batman (148/$400), Organized Crime continues to make its own through the streets of Gotham, and in this case led by another of the great mafia bosses of the Town: Sal Maroni (73/$0). This new Leader for the band brings things quite different than those of his staunch rival for control of the underworld: to start convert his Henchmen somewhat more "hard" than usual (The Boss) since leaving them KO will not report any VP to the rival, to this it is necessary to add the weaponization to him that means to have him since he is able to improve the range of a few pistols of his band until 40 cm (Long Guns). Remembering the shooters of short reach that this crew has access to today, we have:
  • Mr Pink (55/$0): Although it is true that it is a tournament profile, we can not forget it. Not only doesnt cost $, but he becomes in a "Deadshot Jr" thanks to his 40 cm Rapid Fire, and the damage of his pistol is completely lethal.
  • Boris (33/$200): Like Mr. Pink, one of his strengths is his 100% lethal gun, in addition to the rest of traits that, combined with improvements of equipment, make of him almost a must among the mafia.
  • Delta (33/$300): Having Loeb as second in command would not only give access to the Gotham Police Department, but also another $300 (to add to the extra $300 of Maroni for Dirty Money) extra and greater options to link Henchmen, which is not negligible in a crew designed to abuse them. Delta would bring all its stamina and advanced deployment.
  • Vipera (27/$300): Like Delta, he contributes his advanced deployment, but in his case in addition his gun is equipped with Silencer.
  • Turk (25/$400): Perhaps the greatest benefited by this trait. For years forgotten, Turk returns with the desire to shoot his 2 pistols at a time to a not insignificant distance.
  • Fat Johnny (22/$150): For only $150 is available a medium range weapon. It may not be one of the first shooters to be chosen, but his low cost makes him fit in on many lists.
  • Prisoner 05 (20/300): At first glance perhaps the least striking of all, but he is still someone with annoying smoke grenades and able to shoot at 40 cm although only with his gun, which is not McEnroe...
Thus, a crew led by Salvatore becomes more dangerous when the amount of Henchmen is maximized.

Battista (29/$250) provides a weapon with a base range of 40 cm (shotgun) and can increase the durability of these Henchmen, normal, somewhat weak (Defense 2 and/or Endurance 4) thanks to his Take Cover. Fat Tony Johnny (22/$150) provides a useful profile at a distance and in melee, where he has the same attributes as many famous characters (Attack 4 and Force 4+, 3+ with his bar), and despite their lack Defense value ensures you do not lose counters for damage accumulation (Sturdy). Finally Hitler Malatesta (24/$0) useful to go quickly through the battlefield (Fast + Move 3) and reach an objective and control it with all hiss aggressiveness thanks to its weaponry in addition to Ferocious to push without having to pay for it. Do not forget that all of them can also be included in the crews of Two Face, Black Mask and LexCorp.
Find out here what these new militiamen are for Scarecrow

One of the releases that had been waiting for months are these new militiamen for Scarecrow. If there was already a Commander among the militiamen, it is now time for a Lieutenant, the Militia Lieutenant 2 (35/$100), who stands out above all in melee thanks to his weapon (Electric Baton) and his value of attack (Attack 4), ideal to deal with the most dangerous rivals; in addition to providing some mobility to the crew (Follow Me!), which will be especially usefull for the Brutes. Militia 3 (20/$0) can be useful when defending thanks to his shield, and taking into account his ability to re-position counters (Veteran) to take action before being attacked if he so wishes, that neither it is necessary to underestimate his facet offensive due to his Extendable Baton.
From Gorilla Island comes Grodd and his retinue of apes
... Shaman of the tribe included
And that for many is the fat plate of the month: the Gorilla Grodd crew. The first thing to note is the material in which they are made since they are not made of white metal, but plastic resin. Perhaps for this reason it has been possible to sell such metal resin curls without making the product even more expensive (39.95€ the pack).

As far as crew performance is concerned, both blisters make a total of 250/$100 points. Grodd himself offers a mixed profile (punch and control), being dangerous in melee (Attack 4, Strenght 2+, Reinforced Gloves and Feral to get +1 when he grabs) and with mental abilities, among which obviously is, to control rivals (Mind Control). The Shaman, despite offering a profile more than fit for combat, may be more useful as a support member, healing his teammates (Medic) and disrupting the rival's plans by forcing him to activate whom he decides (Persuasive). For their part, both Soldier are equally dangerous in the melee (although one of them carries a spear) but whose strong point is its free deployment (Undercover). In addition to being all Acrobat, this crews own strategy allows all their Henchmen to be even faster (Fast) by only 1 strategy point.

As for the role of Grodd in DCUM (and only him) stands out above all for his ability to Mind Control, which can designate one rival per round to attack a partner.

24 new levels for a Suicide Squad team
23 new levels in the héroes side
And the last of the "releases" of the month are the re-packs of renowned characters that can be found in both games, whose main incentive is the economic savings they suppose after the price hike a few months ago. For 37.5€ you have 3 miniatures that would cost about 60€ (to 12.5€ the miniature).

But this is not everything, since two packs incorporate improvements in their DC versions to make these characters more playable in this game that, month after month, receives novelties without having them:
  • Black Manta
    • Gain the Special Power "Provocation" (the equivalent of Persuasive on BMG)
  • Killer Frost
    • +1 Level (7)
    • +1 Power (7)
    • -1 Strenght (2)
    • Gain skill Scientific
    • +1 Phisic Defense (16)
    • +1 Power in the first section of her Endurance bar
    • Her atack Ice Storm cause Ensnare/3 instead of Ensnare/2
    • Her Special Power Freeze Zone cost 1 POW less and apply 1 point more of Ensnare and Distract
    • Win the Special Power Iced Floor
  • Professor Zoom
    • +1 Power (8)
    • His attack Phase Strike aplies the Irresistible effect.
  • Green Arrow
    • +2 Phisic Defense (17)
    • His attack Punch Arrow cause Stun/3 instead of Stun/2
  • Flash:
    • His attack Supermasscritical Punch loses the Distract/2 effect but gains Irresistible
  • Hawkman:
    • Cost 1 Level less (8)
    • Gain the Special Power Nth Armor
    • Gain the Special Power Reincarnation
After these two consignments of releases so closely followed, now play a time of rest for our pockets to recompose. What would you like to see next?

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred,
Xermi (translated by Josito)

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